I need to notify Aviva about renovations or alterations being made to my property

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Just so you know, you don't need to tell us about interior alterations to your property unless you are creating an additional bedroom, bathroom or shower room.

Any loss or damage caused by building alterations, renovations, extensions or repairs is excluded.

Please also be aware that if the property is exposed to the elements before and/or during any renovations/alterations (e.g. for a loft conversion, roof replacement/repair, building an extension /conservatory or replacement glazing), then loss or damage caused by storm or flood as a result of the property not being wind or watertight, will also be excluded.

Depending on your responses, we may need to apply additional restrictions to your cover but we will confirm this in our reply to you.

Aviva Online and Aviva Premium customers

If your policy number starts with ‘72’ or ‘73’, please visit Aviva Online and Aviva Premium help and support instead of using the form below.

AvivaPlus customers

If your policy number starts with ‘MTH’ or ‘AVP’, please use this form instead of the one below.

Important information

After you have sent this form, we will reply by email with a quote. We aim to do this within 24 hours. No changes will be made to your policy, until you reply accepting the quote and confirming you want to proceed.

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Will the property remain wind and watertight?

Even if you're not increasing or decreasing the number of bedrooms, please confirm how many bedrooms your property will have, following the completion of work.

If yes, please provide more information.

If no, please put "No" or "N/A".

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