I want to replace a vehicle with a new vehicle

I don’t need to continue the insurance on the old car

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Please note as standard that your existing vehicle will remain insured until you collect your new vehicle on the date of change. 

You can also make this change on MyAviva. When you have logged in, go to your motor policy, scroll down to the button 'Amend Options' and then select 'Replace Vehicle'.

The following exceptions won't allow you to make changes on MyAviva:

  • Your policy is due to renew in next 32 days
  • You want to continue the insurance on your existing vehicle on a temporary basis
  • You are in arrears with your payments
  • Your car is newly registered

Please note:

  • We are only able to add a vehicle to your policy that is registered to the insured person's address
  • We will not insure hire and reward (taxis, courier).

Aviva Online and Aviva Premium customers

If your policy number starts with ‘72’ or ‘73’, please visit Aviva Online and Aviva Premium help and support instead of using the form below.

AvivaPlus customers

If your policy number starts with ‘MTM’ or ‘AVP’, please use this form instead of the one below.

Important information

After you have sent this form, we will reply by email with a quote. We aim to do this within 24 hours. No changes will be made to your policy, until you reply accepting the quote and confirming you want to proceed.

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The following questions are for customers who are adding a van to their policy

If you're not replacing a van, please leave the next few questions blank, and go to the section titled "Modification details". If this is a van, you must answer these questions.

Will you carry any hazardous goods in the vehicle or travel to any hazardous locations? (optional)

Modification details

If modifications have been made to your vehicle, please supply details for up to six modifications below, including their cost. For example: "Satellite navigation equipment – £750". If you have no modifications, please go to the next question "What will the vehicle be used for?"

Is the vehicle leased?

If company name, please provide the name and address of the company

Will the main driver and the named driver(s) remain the same?
Will your cover for the new vehicle remain the same as the previous vehicle? Please see your policy schedule for more details in MyAviva: www.aviva.co.uk/myaviva

To see what optional covers you can choose from, and information about what they cover, please refer to the optional covers section at the bottom of the page. When you've finished reading, just scroll back up to this section, your form details will still be here.

Will the annual mileage, kept location and how you use the remaining vehicle(s) remain the same once we replace this vehicle?

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Did you know that you can add optional covers?

Tailor your insurance with our optional add-ons and get extra cover for you and named drivers on your policy.

You can find more details about optional covers and what is and isn’t covered in your policy document in MyAviva.

These optional covers may not be available for AvivaPlus policies.

Protected No Claim Discount

Motor Legal cover

Courtesy Car

Courtesy Van

Motor Injury Protection Plus

UK breakdown cover

Foreign Travel and European Breakdown