Motor insurance enquiries: I want to remove a vehicle from my MultiCar policy

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We can only cancel a vehicle from a date in the future. If you want to make a change within the next 48 hours please call us.

When you ask us to remove a vehicle on a given date, your insurance for that vehicle will finish on that day. This means that if you ask to cancel on the 3rd of the month, your insurance for the vehicle will finish at 23.59 on the 2nd and you'll no longer be insured on the 3rd.

Please tell us more about the vehicle you want to remove.

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If you are an Aviva Online customer with a policy number starting with 72 please email us.

Tell us about the vehicle you want to remove

Will the annual mileage change for the other vehicles insured on this policy once we remove this vehicle?
Will there be a change to how the other vehicles insured on this policy are used, once we remove this vehicle?
Is there a change to where the vehicles insured with Aviva will be kept?

Please confirm you understand the implications of removing this vehicle

Please notify any permitted drivers of vehicle(s) removed from cover they are no longer insured to drive such vehicle(s) under this policy. Details of vehicle(s) removed from this policy will be passed to the Motor Insurance Database to show that Aviva are no longer the insurer of such vehicle(s). The police actively use this database in an effort to reduce the number of uninsured drivers on the road. It is an offence under the road traffic act to use a motor vehicle on a public highway or other public place without adequate third party insurance.

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This change could impact your premium or policy terms. We will not complete any changes until you have confirmed that you are happy with the changes.