Helping you protect your property against floods

With 5.2million 1 properties at risk from flooding in the UK, we're more dedicated than ever to help you protect your home. That's why we've played a key role in the launch of a new Code of Practice – a series of industry-backed guidelines – created to give you the knowledge to stay flood resilient. 

Learn about the guidelines by watching our video below. You can find out more about the Code of Practice here

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Did you know? 5.2m properties are at risk from flooding in the UK. Flooding can be traumatic; putting lives and properties at risk and impacting the financial and emotional wellbeing of those affected. 40% of businesses also fail to re-open after a flood. Although not all floods can be prevented taking a few steps can limit the damage they cause and speed up recovery.

At Aviva, we want to help customers get back in their properties sooner so flood resilient and resistant measures can make a real difference.

One. Firstly, fit devices which can help stop water from entering your property in the first place. Such as flood gates on doors and windows. Or for businesses, this could be a temporary barrier around the property. Fit non-return valves on toilets or other waste water systems and install self-closing air-bricks to help stop water from entering your home.

Two. You can also install flood resilient measures, which minimise the damage that floods cause. Replace carpets with tiled or concrete floors. Move plug sockets and electrical equipment above expected flood levelplace washing machines on plinths and raise boilers to higher levels so they’re above the water level. Install free-standing kitchen units on legs. Keep important or sentimental items upstairs and store items on low shelves in baskets, which can be easily moved if there’s a flood. Replace concrete or tarmac drives or patios with permeable materials, such as gravel or grass to allow water to be absorbed.

Three. Before now, knowing what to install has been confusing, but a new Code of Practice has been developed to to make it easier for homeowners and businesses to know how to prepare their property.

Our partnership with the British Red Cross

Together with the British Red Cross, we’re extending what we do for our customers back into our communities by recruiting a national network of volunteers, ready to lend a hand when a crisis hits.

Since 2018, we’ve recruited nearly 9,000 community reserve volunteers to support emergency efforts following disasters, like flooding. Volunteers might help to set up rest-centres, pack emergency parcels for people forced out of their homes or prepare kit for Red Cross volunteers.

Signing up with the British Red Cross only takes five minutes. Volunteers will be called on via text in an emergency to lend a hand.