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Welcome to Aviva Save

Aviva Save is a marketplace which gives you access to a selection of cash savings accounts from UK banks. Each account has been carefully chosen by Aviva, offering FSCS protection. Together, they offer a range of different savings options to meet your changing needs and goals as a saver.

Once you’ve signed up to Aviva Save, you can open as many of these accounts as you like, without having to apply separately each time. It’s free to sign up, there’s no obligation to open any accounts, and you’ll never have any fees to pay.

One registration, unlimited access

Sign up with Aviva Save once, and you can open as many savings accounts as you like with no fuss

Accounts we believe in

We’ve chosen every savings account carefully, from a range of FSCS-protected UK banks, so you can mix and match with confidence

Interest rates of up to 1.54% AER

We’re always looking to add to the range we offer, which we hope will give you savings accounts that match your plans for your money

How do I use Aviva Save?

It couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve registered for Aviva Save, simply log in to see everything in one place — these are the main areas

Step 1

Our marketplace

This is our full range of cash savings accounts for you to choose, which offer a variety of term lengths, types of access and interest rates to meet your savings needs.

Take a look at how to use our Aviva Save platform.

Step 2

Your overview

See all your active savings accounts, and those you’ve applied for, at a glance, as well as the status of each account, its interest rate and how long you have had it for.

Step 3

Your holding account

This will temporarily hold any funds you deposit into Aviva Save, before you transfer it to any savings accounts you’ve chosen. It doesn’t pay any interest.

What is a savings account marketplace?

The marketplace is the engine room of Aviva Save, where you’ll find all the savings accounts we offer. It’s constantly evolving as we add more banks and accounts to bring you ever more savings options. So if you don’t find something suitable right now, there’ll be different choices later.

Leading accounts and interest rates.

Easy Access accounts Notice accounts Fixed term 12 months Fixed term 24 months Fixed term 60 months
Up to 0.10% / 0.10%

AER* / Gross

Minimum deposit £1k
Up to 0.64% / 0.64%

AER* / Gross

Minimum deposit £1k
Up to 1.35% / 1.35%

AER* / Gross

Minimum deposit £1k
Up to 1.47%/1.48%

AER* / Gross

Minimum deposit £1k
Up to 1.54% / 1.54%

AER* / Gross

Minimum deposit £10k
Interest rates will be variable and added either monthly or annually depending on the account Interest rates will be variable and added either monthly or annually depending on the account Interest will be fixed and added at maturity Interest will be fixed and added at maturity Interest will be fixed and added at maturity
*When we show the interest rate as an AER, we're showing the annual equivalent rate. It represents what the interest rate would be if interest was realised and paid once each year. Gross shows the interest rate without any tax deducted.

Our marketplace differs from a comparison site. We’ve carefully chosen the banks to give you confidence, especially with banks you haven’t heard of. You can be more proactive too, with no new application to complete each time. That makes it easy to move money between accounts — even those with different banks — as long as the account terms allow. In times with more challenging interest rates, this may give you more control.

What are the different types of savings accounts?

Easy access accounts

Exactly as they sound. You’re free to take out your money whenever you need to, although the interest rates are usually lower. Similar to notice accounts, interest rates will be variable and added either monthly or annually depending on the account.

Notice accounts

You’ll need to give notice to take out your money, usually from 35 to 180 days, in return for higher interest rates. Interest rates for these accounts will be variable and added either monthly or annually depending on the account.

Fixed - Term accounts

Also known as term accounts, these usually have the highest rates of interest as you'll have to leave your money there for a set time. Interest rates on these accounts will be fixed and interest will be added at maturity.

See our tips to help you pick the account type that’s right for you.

Many savings accounts set a lowest amount of money needed to open it — a minimum deposit. Look for this in the details of each account in the marketplace.

The partnerships that help power Aviva Save

We’ve teamed up with Raisin UK to offer you Aviva Save. Raisin provides a marketplace platform for 220,000 customers across Europe, and you can use this platform to access savings accounts with selected banks.

Within Aviva Save your cash hub is a ‘holding account’ with Starling Bank, who won Best British Bank and Best Current Account 2019 at the British Bank Awards. This is where you’ll transfer money from your current account to Aviva Save. It doesn’t pay interest but will hold your funds securely. Your deposit will transfer automatically once the partner bank approves your application.

Protected by Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)

FSCS is there to keep your money safe. It protects the money held in your Aviva Save holding account, and in every savings account you open through Aviva Save. If any of these banks go out of business, FSCS gives you automatic protection of up to £85,000 per person per banking group. Any money held at a bank, above the protected £85,000, is not protected by the scheme.

Charges and interest

Are there any charges?

We don’t charge you to use Aviva Save. 

Instead we receive payments from the partner banks based on the amount of money deposited through Aviva Save.

The savings accounts and interest rates offered directly by our partner banks may differ to those offered through Aviva Save.

Will I pay tax on my savings?

That depends.

Basic rate taxpayers can generally earn up to £1,000 per year tax-free on their savings, known as a Personal Savings Allowance. For higher rate taxpayers, it’s up to £500. Interest above the Personal Savings Allowance will be added to your income and taxed at your relevant rate. Savings in tax-free accounts like Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) do not count towards your Personal Savings Allowance.

Taxation depends on your personal circumstances and rules may change. You can find all the latest information at HMRC.

Ready to apply?

Set up your Aviva Save login in just a few minutes, ready to browse for savings accounts.

For now, Aviva Save is separate to MyAviva. So, even if you have a MyAviva account, you'll need to register separately for Aviva Save. In the future you'll be able to access Aviva Save through MyAviva.

If you're already an Aviva Save customer, you can log in here.

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