Summary of cover

This is a summary of the policy and does not contain the full terms and conditions of the cover, which can be found in the Learner driver insurance policy wording. It is important that you read this carefully.

What is Dayinsure Learner?

Dayinsure Learner is a short term private car insurance policy providing cover for provisional licence holders to drive a vehicle whilst accompanied by a suitably qualified driver as defined in the policy documentation. The policy is arranged by Dayinsure Learner.

Who is Dayinsure Learner?

Dayinsure Learner is a trading name of Ltd. limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Firm Reference Number: 304010. Company Registration No: 4996289. You may check this information and obtain further information about how the Financial Conduct Authority protects you by visiting or by contacting them on 0333 005 944. Ltd’s registered address is Mara House, Tarporley Business Centre, Nantwich Road, Tarporley, Cheshire, CW6 9UY.Telephone 0333 005 0944. Fax 0333 005 0946

Who is the insurer?

Dayinsure Learner policies are underwritten by Aviva Insurance Limited.

What are the significant features and benefits of Dayinsure Learner insurance?

Section 1 — Loss of or damage to the car

Cover if the car is lost or damaged as a result of accidental damage, fire, theft or attempted theft. A policy excess of £250 will apply to all claims. Vehicle recovery and Aviva Approved Repair Service.

Section 2 — Liability to third parties

Legal liability for death or injury to any person, including passengers. Legal liability, up to a maximum amount of £5m for any one claim, for damage to other people’s property. Legal costs, incurred with the insurer’s consent, in connection with a claim against you.

Section 3 — Emergency treatment

Medical expenses for anyone injured in your vehicle

What are the significant or unusual exclusions or limitations of Dayinsure Learner insurance?

Your policy excludes some situations. Please refer to your policy documentation for full details, but the most significant or unusual exclusions are outlined below.


You are required to pay the first part of any claim under Section 1 of the policy. This is known as the Excess. A compulsory policy excess of £250 applies to each and every claim under Section 1, including claims for Glass.

Overnight use

There is no cover under this policy for loss or damage which occurs between 22:00 and 06:00 hours.


There is no cover under this policy unless the policyholder is being accompanied by a qualified driver who is aged between 25 and 75 and holds a full UK driving licence and has done for at least three years.

Annual insurance cover

No cover exists under this policy unless the vehicle is also insured under a separate annual motor insurance policy.

Provisional licence

All cover under this policy ceases as soon as the policyholder passes their driving test to obtain a full driving licence.

Foreign use

There is no foreign use cover under this policy. In the event of a claim please telephone 0800 0156 166

Courtesy car

There is no courtesy car provision under this policy.

Driving other cars

There is no driving other cars cover under this policy.

Seized vehicles

No cover is provided to secure the release of a seized vehicle, or for loss or damage following confiscation or requisition or destruction by or under order of any government or public or local authority (see Section 1).

Vehicle theft

No cover is provided for loss or damage arising from theft while the ignition keys of your car have been left in or on your car (see Section 1).

Wear and tear

No cover is provided for loss of use, reduction in value, wear and tear, or mechanical, electrical or computer breakdowns, failures or breakages (see Section 1).

Incorrect fuel

No cover is provided for damage caused by an inappropriate type or grade of fuel being used.

Use of the car

Cover does not apply if the car is being used for any purpose not shown under the “Description of use” section of your certificate of insurance or while it is being driven by any person not described in your certificate of insurance as entitled to drive.

How long does my Dayinsure Learner insurance run for?

The policy will remain in force for the period shown on your policy schedule.

What if I take out cover and then change my mind?

You have the right to cancel your policy within 14 days from the date of purchase of the policy or the day on which you receive your policy documentation, whichever is the later. If you wish to cancel and the insurance cover has not yet commenced, you will be entitled to a full refund of the premium paid. Following the expiry of the 14 day statutory cooling off period You continue to have a right to cancel your policy at any time during its term. If You do so, You will be entitled to a refund of the premium paid, subject to a deduction for the time which you have been covered. This will be calculated in proportion to the period for which You received cover and there will also be an additional charge of up to £20 (subject to Insurance Premium Tax where applicable) to cover the administrative cost of providing the policy.

What are Aviva charges for policy amendment and cancellation?

You can cancel the policy at any time after the insurance has commenced by contacting us in writing and returning the Certificate of Motor Insurance to us. You will be entitled to a return of premium on a proportionate basis. Following the expiry of the statutory cancellation period, you will still be entitled to a refund of premium on a proportionate basis, but a £20 administration charge will also apply.

How do I make a claim under my Dayinsure Learner policy?

In the event of a claim please telephone 08000 156 166. This number is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How do I make a complaint about my Dayinsure Learner policy?

Dayinsure Learner aim to provide a first class level of service to all customers. However if you are dissatisfied with the service we have provided we have a formal complaints procedure. In the first instance you should contact us in writing at our registered address.

The insurer is covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service. If you have complained to Aviva and we have been unable to resolve your complaint, you may refer it to this independent body. Following the complaints procedure does not affect your right to take legal action.

Will I receive compensation if Aviva were unable to meet its liabilities?

We are members of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). You may be entitled to compensation from this scheme if we cannot meet our obligations, depending on the type of insurance and the circumstances of your claim.

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