Who are Defaqto?

Defaqto are a leading UK independent financial researcher.

They independently rate over 500 insurance products. Their Ratings range from one to five Stars. Their Star Ratings are designed to help you identify where a product or policy sits in the market in terms features and benefits it offers and the range of options available. Their in-depth Star Ratings process looks at the key features and benefits of every product or policy they rate.

Defaqto are completely independent and unbiased and never knowingly exclude a product or policy from their Star Ratings.

Why is a Defaqto 5 Star Rating important?

Buying insurance can be a bit of a minefield - whilst it's easy to compare products on price alone, it's not always easy to understand what you’re getting for your money until its too late.

Defaqto Star Ratings help you to make informed decisions about getting the cover to suit your needs. A Defaqto 5 Star Rating gives you the reassurance that you’re buying quality cover that will deliver when you need it most.

Please note the specific product names that the Ratings refer to, for example, van insurance, single trip insurance or car insurance.

The Defaqto 5 Star Rating is based on an assessment of the overall product, including the optional components (add ons). Where not all of the options are taken, this might affect the rating of the product.

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