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We’re always trying to improve your experience – look behind the digital curtain and find out how.

Protecting your data

When you become a customer, we need to collect and use your personal information to arrange, underwrite, and manage your policy. 

So, one of the things you trust us with is your data. 

You trust us never to collect and use your information without both good reason and your permission – and we never will.

You also trust us to keep your information safe – and we do. We keep your data locked up so tightly that the crown jewels are jealous. Find out how we store it by checking out our privacy policy.

How and why we use your data

We’re always on a drive to get better – and our digital services, like our website and mobile apps, are no exception. 

Part of that is about showcasing the things that are relevant to you, while snipping away what isn’t. To help us offer you a more personalised experience – and to help us keep improving – we use cookies on our websites, which keep track of some your actions and information.

Explore when and why we use your information, as well as what we do with it, by having a snoop through our cookie policy.

Our websites are designed for your personal use, which means they’re not meant to be used commercially. Discover how this affects the way you can use them by having a root through our digital terms and conditions.

Accessible for everyone

Our digital and online services are for everyone – with no exceptions. 

We’ve made sure that there’re plenty of options to support you using our website or our apps and they’re all laid out in our accessibility guidance.

We think we got it covered for everyone – but if you need to talk about your experience, drop us a note at

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See how we stack up against the competition

Defaqto is a place where customers can go for independent and impartial info on companies that provide financial services. They use a star rating to help people make informed decisions about the services they choose to buy. 

Discover all about who they are, what they do, and how they calculate their star ratings – and find out what rating we’ve been awarded.

Hint: If we were counting them on our fingers, we’d need to use our thumb.

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