24 hour help from a GP

One of the extra benefits we include with your Speedy Diagnostics policy is our 24 hour GP helpline. Day and night, you can speak to a medical professional and get fast, professional advice on health matters. Call our 24 hour GP helpline on this number and you'll speak directly to a qualified GP.

  • 24 hour GP helpline: 0800 068 5822

Calls to the GP Helpline may be recorded for quality and training purposes.

When would I call the GP helpline?

If you're not sure about something that's related to your health, you're welcome to call the helpline. Our qualified GPs can offer advice and will let you know if it's advisable to book an appointment with your GP, or to seek further help immediately. Don't forget that you can also use our 24 hour Stress Counselling, if life is getting on top of you.

Questions about symptoms

If you have serious concerns about symptoms, we recommend that you see a medical professional as soon as possible. But if you want more information or guidance about something that’s not causing you great concern, you can call the GP helpline 24 hours a day. Our GPs can only help with medical questions, but they’ll always let you know if a face to face examination or emergency treatment is advisable.

Questions about medical information, drugs, or treatments

You’re welcome to call our GP helpline if you have questions about drugs or treatments, or any kind of medical care. For example, if you’re worried about the side-effects of a prescribed drug, you can call the GP helpline. Our qualified staff won’t have access to your personal medical records, but they can give you information about treatments, drugs and care.

Questions about upcoming hospital care or treatment

If you’re worried about going into hospital, you can call the GP helpline. Our GPs can give you general information about treatments and what to expect, but they may not have specific details about the hospital you’re visiting.

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