Will there be any change to the way I can manage my life, critical illness or income protection insurance policies after the UK leaves the EU?

Currently we allow cover to continue where a customer relocates temporarily or permanently to a different country within the EU/EEA during the term of their policy. However, there may be some restrictions on changing your existing policies.

We’re monitoring developments and speaking with regulators to minimise any challenges that may come up. We’ll always aim to provide the service you expect.

In all EU territories, there’ll be restrictions on increasing the level and length of your cover. In addition, you won’t be able to renew policies or receive any further cover.

We’re aware that not all our policy options will still be available for customers in France. For example, we expect that you won’t be able to increase your cover or continue with renewable premiums. You may not be able to lower the level or length of your cover either. We’ll write to you if this impacts you.

You should take independent financial advice if you’re unsure about what to do.