Does Aviva cover pre-existing conditions?

How we deal with pre-existing conditions, and if we can or can’t cover one, depends on the type of underwriting you choose.

A 'pre-existing condition' is when you've had symptoms, medication, advice, treatment or diagnostic tests for a disease, illness or injury before taking out health cover.

Your health insurance might not cover a pre-existing condition because it’s meant for new, unexpected or short-term conditions that happen after you take out the policy.

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Will I be covered to see a GP?

As a health insurance customer, you will have access to the Aviva Digital GP app* in addition to your cover. The app is provided bySquare Health, which gives you 24/7 access to five GP video consultations, per member, per policy year (terms and conditions apply).

Other than that, we don’t cover any charges to see an NHS or private GP or for any treatment or diagnostic tests they carry out.

However, if they refer you for further assessment or treatment, you can then start a claim.

* Please be aware that the benefits of the app don’t form part of your cover, and they could change or be removed, in the future. This is a non-contractual benefit Aviva can withdraw at any time. Terms and conditions and the privacy policy for the Aviva Digital GP service can be found within the app.

Can I cancel my policy if my employer offers private health insurance through a workplace scheme?

Yes, you can cancel your policy at any time. If you cancel within 14 days of the policy start date or renewal, and haven’t made any claims, we’ll refund the full premium.

To cancel your policy, call us on 0800 092 4590*.

Or write to: Aviva Health UK Limited, Chilworth House, Hampshire Corporate Park, Templars Way, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO53 3RY.

*Calls may be recorded or monitored. Calls to 0800 numbers from a UK landline or mobile are free.

Do you provide cover for a newborn baby?

Yes, if you apply before your baby is three months old, we’ll give you up to three months of free health cover for them. If you apply before your baby is 3 months and make a claim, your baby's medical history will be disregarded and no personal exclusions will apply. If a baby is added after they are 3 months old, then any pre-existing conditions will be underwritten.

If you already have another child (aged 19 or under) on your policy, after those first three months are up, your new child will continue to get free cover until the older child turns 20. That’s because you only pay for the oldest child on your policy.

We also offer a 'baby bonus' where, if you've had the policy for over 10 months and your premiums are paid up to date, any family member covered by the policy will get £100 from us when you have a baby or adopt one up to a year old.

Can I get dental cover?

Yes, you can get dental cover depending on the options you choose when you apply.

Our core cover includes surgery on teeth when it’s carried out in a hospital. Though this won’t be covered if you choose our reduced outpatient option.

You can also enhance your basic cover for an additional cost with our dental and optical add-on, which covers you up to a limit, for routine dental treatment, accidental dental injury and optical benefit.

Do I need a referral from a GP to claim?

Yes, you need a referral from a GP to claim.

If you see your GP or have a video consultation with one via the Aviva Digital GP app, and they want you to see a specialist, tell them you've got private health insurance with us. 

They’ll then either give you an open referral or a named referral. If you ask for an open referral, we can help you find a hospital and specialist that's covered by your policy. If you’ve chosen our Expert Select hospital option, you’ll always need to ask for an open referral.

Remember to start a claim with us before you have any tests or treatment, so you know if they’re covered or not. 

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How do I make a claim?

If you need to make a claim on your health insurance, we’re here to help.

Once you’ve been referred by your GP, you can start a claim in MyAviva or by calling us. We'll just need to know your symptoms, when they started, and what you've been referred for. 

You can find all the information and contact details you need on our make a health insurance claim page.

Can I change my policy mid-term?

Yes, you can make certain changes to your personal or policy details at any time. This might include changing the name, title or address of anyone on the policy; correcting any information shown on the policy schedule; or removing members from the policy. To tell us about any changes, call us on 0800 068 3827*.

At renewal, you can increase or decrease your cover, such as adding routine dental and optical treatment or changing your hospital option. We'll need to check your claim history before deciding if we can make these changes, and it may affect how much you pay.

*Calls may be recorded or monitored. Calls to 0800 numbers from a UK landline or mobile are free.

Do I need to renew my policy every year?

Yes, you need to renew your policy every 12 months. We’ll send you a renewal invite around 30 days before your renewal date so you can check your details are correct and the cover still meets your needs.

If you’ve previously filled out our MyHealth Counts health questionnaire, you’ll also discover if your Q score has helped you secure a discount.

After checking all the renewal details, if you don’t need to make any changes, then simply leave the rest to us. On your renewal date, we’ll automatically renew your policy and take payment (using the payment details we have saved for you). You'll then be covered for another 12 months unless you stop making payments.

Does my health insurance cover me abroad?

No, our health insurance doesn’t cover you abroad. It only covers you in the UK, which means England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

We don’t offer international health insurance.

Can I add others to my policy?

Yes, you can add other people to your policy if they’re part of your immediate family group. For example, this means you can add a spouse, a partner, or your children.

If you add two or more children aged 19 or under, you'll only pay for the oldest (until they turn 20). Plus, adding your partner to your health insurance could mean you pay less than if you both had your own individual policies. 

Are there any age limits to buying health insurance?

You need to be aged aged 18 to take out a Health insurance policy with us.

Will my health insurance premiums change every year?

How much you pay for your health insurance might change year-to-year. Because when we work out your renewal price, we consider several factors. Some of them are about you specifically, like your age or postcode. Others are about what’s happening in the world or the insurance market in general, like the cost of medical treatments increasing.

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