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What is it?

MyHealthCounts can help you find out how healthy you are and could even save you money when you renew your insurance.

How’s it helpful?

Completing our online health assessment gives you a ‘Q score’ – a number used to calculate your discount. The higher your score, the lower your health risk.

Joining one of the 12 week programmes will give you advice and tips on how to improve key health areas to keep you cruising towards your health goals and potentially improve your score.

How can I get this?

If you’re a Healthier Solutions customer, you can use MyHealthCounts for free. When you're 18 or older, we'll invite you to join after you buy a policy.

Aviva Digital GP

What is it?

Aviva Digital GP, provided by Square Health, is like putting a GP in your pocket. It's an app that lets you connect with a private GP through video consultations. You get unlimited consultations per member each year, anytime, day or night.

How’s it helpful?

At no additional cost, you'll get 24/7 access to GP video consultations and repeat NHS prescriptions (all NHS England exemptions accepted). 

The app is a key that unlocks all this support:

GP choice 

You’ll be able to pick between male and female GPs. If you've seen a GP via the app in the last six months, you can directly book with them if they're available. Browse through our GP biographies to choose the one who best suits your needs based on their profile.

Repeat NHS prescriptions       

Order your prescribed repeat medication within the app (all NHS England exemptions accepted) and enjoy free UK delivery.

Private prescription delivery service

Choose to have medication delivered to your home, office, or another location of your choice, or collect from your local pharmacy. There's no charge for the private prescription itself, but there will be a fee for private medication, which you'll pay directly to the pharmacy you pick them up from.

Your children under 16

Kids under 16 can be added to your account for paediatric consultations. You can add up to 10 children per member.

Get things moving faster

Video consultations mean you can skip waiting in a surgery and you could have an appointment in as little as 30 minutes. You’ll be able to book appointments 24/7, and most are available on the same day. Your selected GP will chat with you for up to 15 minutes.

Consultation advice

After your GP consultation, you’ll be able to see the advice you’ve been given and all your consultation history right within the app.

Who can use it? 

It’s available to all Aviva Health customers that live in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, at home or abroad.

How can you get this service? 

You’ll get details on how to register and use Aviva Digital GP after buying a suitable policy with Aviva.

This service is a non-contractual benefit that Aviva can change or withdraw at any time. 

The Aviva Digital GP service provides you with the opportunity to consult with a GP on a private basis. All GPs within the app are on the GMC (General Medical Council) GP register. You may be required to pay a nominal fee for other services in the app that you may wish to use. The service will always notify you of any fees for services available within the app prior to any charge being made. You are under no obligation to use these additional services. Repeat prescriptions are available in-app via NHS England rates and exemptions, with free trackable UK delivery.

Get Active

What is it?

Get Active gives you access to offers at health and fitness clubs nationwide, helping to support your health, wellbeing and fitness goals. 

How’s it helpful?

Unlock a healthier you

The benefits of regular exercise - inside or outside the home - builds confidence and helps you feel good about yourself. It could also help to maintain weight, improve your energy levels and reduce the risk of stress and anxiety, or ill health.

Get fit and make new friends

Fitness can offer many great social benefits too, helping to keep you motivated and on track, while opening up opportunities of new friendships and communities. There’s also offers on services and experiences that can be shared with family and close friends for some well-deserved quality time.

Cancer Care with Get Active

Cancer care provides discounted products and services that can help support the daily living adjustments a cancer diagnosis and treatment can bring.

Whether you need access to the cancer care offers for yourself or to help support those close to you following a cancer diagnosis, the service is available to use any time, not just during a claim. 

How can I get this? 

Get Active is free for all Aviva Health customers. You can find out how to use it in your policy details. 

Check our terms and conditions to learn more about Get Active. This service is a non-contractual benefit that Aviva can change or withdraw at any time.

Stress Counselling helpline

What is it?

When life gets stressful, we’re here to lend a supportive shoulder. Our Stress Counselling helpline is a safe and confidential space for you to talk to trained counsellors about anything that's bothering you – whether it's personal, work-related or anything else. 

How’s it helpful?

Stress can happen to the best of us when the demands of life feel overwhelming. Talking it out and sharing your thoughts can be like a cup of warm tea for your mind.

This is where the Stress Counselling helpline can offer support.

Acting early to feel better, faster

Early intervention gets you the best help. The helpline is here to give you the support you need, when you need it and prevent tiny troubles from turning into big ones.

How can I access this service?

The Stress Counselling helpline is available 24/7 to all Aviva Health customers aged 16 or over. Details on how to use this service are sent with your member details.

Mental health support

What is it?

We have a range of helpful information, videos and advice to make sure you’re on the right path to feeling your best. 

How’s it helpful?

Our mental health support is here to be your compass whenever stress, anxiety or poor mental health arise. We’ve covered a range of topics to tackle different aspects of mental health concerns, giving you the support you need whenever you need it.

How can I access this service?

Mental health support is available to all Healthier Solutions customers. Details on how to use this service are sent with your member details.

This service is a non-contractual benefit that Aviva can change or withdraw at any time.

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