Our cancer pledge

We'll support you every step of the way

Comprehensive cancer care as standard

We understand the importance of providing extensive cover at every stage of cancer treatment – which is why we’ve made cancer care an integral part of our health insurance.

Extensive treatment cover

Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and targeted therapy are all covered under our health insurance

Dedicated ongoing care

Cover for up to 10 years of monitoring post-cancer treatment and up to 5 years for  ongoing medical care (eg replacing tubes or drains) 

NHS cash benefit

If you decide to use the NHS instead of private care, for eligible treatment, you can claim up to £100 for each day or night of treatment, with no overall limit

From diagnosis and cancer treatment, to aftercare and monitoring, you can rely on our support, each step of the way.

Cancer’s covered with our health insurance

You shouldn’t have to pay more for cancer cover. That’s why you’re covered as standard with our health insurance – just the way it should be.  

We’re committed to covering cancer

If you’re diagnosed with cancer, we’ll pay hospital charges for surgery and medical admissions. Treatment – including radiotherapy, chemotherapy and bone strengthening drugs – is also covered. And with wig and external prostheses costs also included 1, you can rely on us to provide cover for first class care if the worst happens.

What cancer treatment is covered?

This is just a summary of our cancer cover. Take a look at our policy document for a full breakdown. 

Policy document (PDF 562 KB)

  • Outpatient consultations and treatment
    Comprehensive cover as an outpatient, including diagnostic tests, consultations and cover for radiotherapy and chemotherapy
  • Bone strengthening drugs (such as bisphosphonates)
    We pay for bone strengthening drugs when they’re being used to treat metastatic bone disease
  • Preventative cancer treatment
    If you’ve already had cancer treatment that we’ve paid for (for example, we’ll pay for a mastectomy to a healthy breast in the event that you’ve been diagnosed with cancer in the other breast)
  • External prostheses
    We’ll pay towards the cost of the first external prosthesis following cancer surgery
  • Stem cell and bone marrow transplants
    Includes collection, storage and implantation

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