Children’s health and going private

Health insurance covers your kids for all sorts of things

Children often feel (and act) like they’re invincible but accidents and illnesses will happen.

Family health insurance is one way to help care for your children’s health, with extensive cover for short-term diseases, illnesses or injuries. With our health insurance you can add any children under 20 to your policy and if you have more than one child you'll only pay for the oldest one. Great value if you have 2 children or more!

Here’s some of the things we frequently cover.


Man and children laughing

Kids like to have fun, but often their idea of fun involves rushing around the living room, the playground, or the football field. Muscular injuries and even broken bones can be an unfortunate outcome of this – and that’s where the fun stops.

Health insurance can help and common musculoskeletal issues are covered as standard. Solutions can go down various routes, depending on the injury. It might even include a trip to the physio. Health insurance from Aviva is designed to get your child seen to as quickly as possible by a GP or a specialist, so they can get back to doing what they do best – having fun.


Coughs and sneezes are a familiar sound in the winter months and tonsilitis  is a common illness amongst children that often feels like a bad cold or flu. Symptoms include a sore throat, high temperature and coughing Footnote [1] . If you’re unsure if your child has tonsilitis or you feel like they need access to a medical professional, then our Digital GP^ service can help do that quickly and easily. 

With our mobile app, there’s no waiting around for appointments – you could get an appointment with a GP in as little as 30 minutes and a referral to a specialist if needed.

^ These services are non-contractual and can be withdrawn or amended by Aviva at any time.


It’s every parent's worst nightmare, but if the worst of the worst happens, health insurance from Aviva is here to support you all the way. Extensive cancer care is included as standard on our policies, with support continuing throughout diagnosis and beyond. 

Dental care* 

A trip to the dentist can feel like a chore or a nightmare, especially for children, but with Aviva your routine dental care can be claimed back on your health insurance. Going privately can mean a shorter wait time, so if your child needs surgery or a tooth extracted, then you won’t need to prolong their pain. Things like examinations, tooth cleaning, fillings and crowns will also be covered.

Accidental dental injury is also covered, so if an injury occurs to your child’s teeth or gums you can rely on us to help and put a smile back on your face and theirs.

*Routine dental care and accidental dental injury are part of our enhanced cover and not covered under the core health insurance. Please see policy terms and conditions for more details.

Ear infections

If you feel like your kids never listen, then it might not always be their fault . Ear infections are particularly common in children, especially within the inner and middle part of the ear. Difficulty hearing, pain inside the ear, and a high temperature are some of the symptoms of an ear infection Footnote [2]

Most of these infections clear up within three days, but if that isn’t the case then you’ll have access to the Aviva digital GP app, as well as cover for any specialist referrals or investigation into the infection. You’ll be waxing lyrical (pun intended) about how easy the service is to use. 

Eye problems* 

If your children aren’t rushing around causing chaos, hopefully they’ll be doing their homework or something equally quiet and productive. What’s more likely is they’ll be staring at a screen!

Certain eyecare expenses are included on our enhanced cover, with contact lenses and glasses bought as a result of a change in prescription covered up to a cost of £150. So, whether they’re diligently studying or endlessly scrolling, at least their eyes will be protected.

*Optical benefits are part of our enhanced cover and not covered under the core health insurance. Please see policy terms and conditions for more details.

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