What is children's benefit?

Children's benefit is automatically included in any personal policy that includes critical illness cover. We'll pay £25,000, or 50% of the main critical illness benefit (whichever is lower), if any of your natural, step or legally adopted children are diagnosed with one of the children's critical illnesses or conditions we cover during the term of the policy.

If one of your children dies during the term of the policy, we'll pay a lump sum of £5,000. Children are covered from 30 days old until their 18th birthday (or their 21st birthday, if they’re in full-time education).

We'll only pay out one critical illness claim for each child under the policy. We'll pay a death claim for a child, even if we've previously paid out on a critical illness claim for them. If we pay out under children's benefit, the policy will continue to provide cover for you and any other eligible children you have.

If you already have an existing policy with us, check your policy documents to see what cover is included. If your policy was previously with Friends Life, contact us to check if this applies to you.