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You asked: Do I need a Green Card?

  • If you are travelling to the EU and will return prior to ‘exit date’, you do not need a Green Card and do not need to contact us for a Green Card.

  • If you are planning to be driving your vehicle in the EU on or after ‘exit date’, please contact us four weeks before you plan to travel so we can understand your needs and issue you with a Green Card if you require one.

  • In the event there is ‘no deal’, a Green Card will be required for all vehicles which travel in the EU after ‘exit date’ to prove that you have the required insurance, regardless of the level of motor cover provided on your policy. This is true even if you have a foreign use extension on your motor policy.

  • Please note that you will need a Green Card when driving from Northern Ireland to the Republic of Ireland.

  • If you are travelling with a trailer you must register any commercial trailer weighing over 750kg before towing them abroad from ‘exit date’. A separately registered trailer will require a Green Card. All trailers, personal and commercial weighing over 3,500kg must also be registered.

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