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You asked: Can I choose who gets the money from my life insurance policy if I die?

Yes. By placing your life insurance policy under an appropriate trust, you can name the people who you'd like to receive the money in the event of a claim. Payments may not be counted as part of your estate and may not therefore be liable for Inheritance Tax. Tax treatment depends on your circumstances and you should bear in mind that tax laws may change in the future.

If the policy is in trust, we can pay out faster (provided there is at least one available trustee) when we accept a claim as we don't need to wait for people to be appointed to deal with your estate.

Setting up a trust is easy but does have legal and financial implications, so you should talk to your financial adviser. Find out more about Aviva Trusts.

You could include instructions about who receives any proceeds from your policy in a will, but this may not provide the same protection against Inheritance Tax. For more information on writing a will, visit

If you need advice about putting your policy under trust or information about your tax position, please speak to a financial adviser or tax specialist.

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