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You asked: I want to transfer my pension what types of pension won't you accept into the Aviva Pension?

If you hold a pension which offers DB (Defined benefits) or GARS (Guaranteed annuity rates), or has a GMP (Guaranteed Minimum Pension), you are obliged to seek advice before transferring, provided your policy value exceeds £30k. In addition to these, there are other specific types of pension which we wouldn't be able to accept - so please check the details of your current pension before starting to transfer a pension. Once a pension has been moved it may not be possible to reverse your decision if you later discover features or benefits you would want to keep. Remember that the value of your pension pot can go down as well as up and you may get back less than has been invested. You should see a financial adviser if you're thinking about transferring your pension.A financial adviser may charge you for their services.

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