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You asked: Who is eligible to buy Aviva Response?

Aviva Response can cover you if:

• You own your home, and it is your permanent home, occupied solely by you and your family as a private residence, and not used for business.
• Your home is powered by natural gas

Unfortunately we are unable to cover flats, maisonettes, mobile homes, bedsit, let properties or properties powered by LPG, electric, oil or solid fuel.

There are a few boilers we can’t cover such as;

• Ideal Istor, Chaffoteaux Britany Combi, Servowarm: Savannah, Select, Sorrento, Supreme, XLF, Saxon and Elite models, all Gledhills and Ferroli models, and Elson tanks and thermal storage units (e.g.. Potterton Powermax or Potterton Promax Store)

For more detailed information on eligibility please refer to the policy wordings. If you have any questions please give us a call on 0800 015 4832.

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