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You asked: I am travelling to the European Union by car. Will my car insurance be valid?

UK law requires that your motor insurance provides the statutory minimum cover required when driving in the European Union.  There won’t be any change to this cover whilst the UK is a member of the EU.

In the event of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit, your policy will still provide cover for driving in the EU, but it may be necessary for you to obtain a Green Card and/or an International Driving Permit to show in the event of a documentation check. A Green Card is an internationally recognised document which acts as evidence that the minimum legal cover required is in force for the country visited whilst driving outside the UK.

Aviva is making arrangements to issue Green Cards. If you are planning to be driving your vehicle in the EU on or after the exit date, please contact us four weeks before you plan to travel so we can understand your needs and issue you with a Green Card if you require one.

More information on how to obtain an International Driving Permit can be obtained from here.

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