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You asked: If the UK leaves the EU without a deal what will change?

If the UK leaves the EU in a ‘no deal’ Brexit, your policy will continue to provide the same minimum cover required by law. However, there will be a need to evidence that you have this cover in the event of a documentation check. You will need to obtain a “Green Card” from your insurer to evidence your insurance and an “International Driving Permit” from the post office to evidence that your licence is valid.
A Green Card is a document that is internationally recognised which evidences that you have the minimum legal cover your policy provides when driving outside of the UK in the EU.
Aviva has made arrangements to issue Green Cards. If you are planning to be driving your vehicle in the EU on or after “exit date” please contact us four weeks before you plan to travel so can understand your needs and issue you with a Green Card if you require one.
More information on how to obtain an International Driving Permit can be obtained from here.

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