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You asked: If I already have a pension scheme, can I use that to auto-enrol my employees?

That depends on the type of scheme you have. The summary below sets out the implications for employers for different types of pension scheme.

 Employer has:  Implications

 Auto-enrolment scheme

  • Existing members stay.
  • The scheme can accept new members through the auto-enrolment process.

 Qualifying scheme but not an auto-enrolment scheme

  • Existing members stay.
  • But the employer must offer an auto-enrolment scheme for new members.

 Non-qualifying scheme

  • The employer must set up an auto-enrolment scheme for new members. 
  • Existing members of the non-qualifying scheme will have to be auto-enrolled into the auto-enrolment scheme.


You will need to work with your pension scheme provider to change your existing scheme, to introduce auto-enrolment processes. Please discuss your requirements with your financial adviser.

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