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You asked: Do I need to contribute if an employee younger than 22 or older than state pension age joins the pension scheme?

Employers only need to auto-enrol employees between 22 and state pension age.

However, you have to pay at least the minimum contributions for any employee aged between 16 and 75 who:

Employees younger than 22 can join the pension scheme. Employees older than the state pension age can stay in or join the scheme until age 75.

Both groups would benefit from their own and their employer's contribution, unless the employee earns less than:

  • the minimum earnings threshold and the scheme's contributions are based on banded earnings – in that case, you are only liable for employer contributions if the employee earns above the contributions threshold
  • the contributions threshold and the scheme's contributions are based on pensionable earnings – in that case, you will have to make employer contributions, unless you have an agreement with your employees that you won't contribute for earnings below the contributions threshold.

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