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You asked: What are my duties as an employer?

In summary, you will need to:

  • make contributions into a pension scheme that complies with the auto-enrolment requirements
  • auto-enrol or re-enrol all qualifying employees
  • monitor all earnings to make sure your scheme meets the minimum contribution levels
  • collect contributions and forward them, and any necessary supporting information, to your pension scheme provider
  • register your auto-enrolment scheme with the Pensions Regulator not later than four months after your staging date. (If you change your pension scheme provider, you will need to register the new scheme with the Pensions Regulator.)
  • provide information about the pension scheme to your employees
  • process opt-outs and make refunds
  • keep records.

You must not:

  • offer investment advice to your employees about the pension scheme
  • discourage employees from joining the scheme
  • provide any employee with an opt-out form
  • encourage members to opt out of the scheme
  • employ someone on the condition that they will opt out of the scheme.

Please read the ‘Employer duties' factsheet for more information.

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