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You asked: How does the No MVR Guarantee work?

Investment bond customers only

To help explain the effects of the No MVR Guarantee, here is a simplified example of an investor making a full withdrawal on their guarantee date.


A is the amount originally invested on 1 February 2000 £50,000
B is the value of the with-profits investment on the guaranteed date, 1 February 2010 £70,000
C is the MVR amount of 10% applicable for a full withdrawal from the fund  £7,000
C is also then the value of the No MVR Guarantee on the guarantee date  £7,000
B is therefore also the policy value available to withdraw on the guaranteed date using the No MVR Guarantee £70,000

This example assumes all of the investment has been continuously invested in the With-Profit Fund for at least 10 years and is eligible for the guarantee. These figures are for illustration only and are not a forecast of how investments may perform.

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