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You asked: What is an additional bonus?

An additional bonus is one we sometimes add on top of a regular bonus.

How they work varies depending on how you've invested in our With-Profit Fund.

If you're a With Profits Pension Annuity customer

Depending on how well the With-Profit Fund has performed, we might pay an additional bonus. Along with the regular bonus, it determines how much income you will receive for the year.

We announce additional bonus - and what the rate is - yearly. However, additional bonus rates may change at any time and are not guaranteed.

If you're a With-Profit Income Fund customer (this fund is no longer available)

If regular bonuses are low, there's a chance we may pay an additional bonus to supplement your income.

Bonus rates can vary, which means the level of income you receive can also vary over time. As with other bonus rates, we review the additional bonus at least once a year. Your annual statement will tell you your bonus rate.

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