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These funds mainly invest in commercial property such as major shopping centres and business offices. They may also invest in indirect property investments, including quoted property trusts and unregulated collective investment schemes. The funds may also hold geared investments (gearing is a process whereby potential capital gains and income due to investors are boosted by borrowing. The return on this extra investment, minus the cost of the borrowing gives investors an enhanced or 'geared' profit). This can carry a higher degree of risk and be subject to sharp or sudden falls in value.

A valuer's opinion often decides the value of property investments. If you invest in the property funds and want to move all or part of your investment out of any of these funds there could be a delay.  It may not be possible to sell property investments immediately. In this case it may be necessary to defer payments, transfers and switching your funds for up to a maximum of six months. Please remember that the value of property investments can go down as well as up and are not guaranteed. In the event that a collective fund into which a property fund invests suspends trading, the property funds may hold a larger amount of cash, until such time as the underlying collective fund begins trading again. This could restrict growth potential as investments held in cash do not have as much potential for growth as investments held in property.

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