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Want to make a difference in your local community? The Aviva Community Fund opens for entries on 11 September 2018 – ready to support more projects than ever before.

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The Aviva Community Fund is more than funding. We work together with you to provide expert skills, guidance and know-how to help you achieve your greatest ambitions. But before that, it all starts with your idea…

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This year we’re giving our support and guidance to more projects than ever. Those receiving funding will be announced once our finalists have been judged.

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Entering your project has never been easier. You can choose from our 3 new categories - Skills for Life, Health and Wellbeing and Environment. Find out which category your project falls into here. We’re also partnering with Crowdfunder UK for the very first time – giving you the chance to gather funding from those supporting and voting for your project.

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Real communities, real winners

Waggy Tails Club – Croydon

Video transcript

Waggy Tails is an afterschool activity club for special needs teenagers. I think the success of Waggy Tails is all down to the dogs. The dogs give the members way more confidence than they would have normally.

So, our main expenditure is the dog trainers and our therapists. So, our therapists – we’ve got a behavioural therapist, an occupational therapist, speech and language therapist, and we really rely on those people. They can give expert advice to parents, and they’re here, the parents love it, and it’s really helpful for us.

William really loves coming. He comes in because it gives him a sense of belonging. It makes him feel like he’s coming to a club. He will make friends; he feels very comfortable here; he feels very supported.

They’re just a blessing. This is unpaid, it’s volunteer, and they run it, with all the things that come with it. It’s just brilliant.

That’s brilliant because it will go straight to our therapist.

It’s been win-win. It’s a good feeling, it’s a good… it’s a good place to be.

Waggy Tails!

Let there be Light

Video transcript

Aviva spokesperson: Hello!

Let there be light: Hi!

Let there be light: We all know as a parent there is nothing more enjoyable than actually watching your child, and other people’s children, shine.

Let there be light: We wanted to have stage lights for productions. The lights could help us with our confidence.

Aviva spokesperson: You are actually a winner!


Let there be light: They’ve really shown me as well how grateful they are. And that’s lovely to see that side.

Let there be light: Speechless.

Farsley girls

Video transcript

*background conversation*

Look at that… oh very… look at that. Watch Gina. Look at that. Very proper Gina’s got a royal lunge.

I love seeing children smile and be happy, that’s why I… er… I’m involved with football. I love to see a child go from being a little bit self-conscious and a little bit self-aware to just feeling full of joy and happiness and that’s… that’s hand on heart why I do it.

Push, push, push, push. That’s it. Good running, good running.

It’s not just about football, and when I first got involved I initially thought it was. But what actually happens is friendship, sisterhood, a bonding of these young innocent children, a sense of togetherness that goes really beyond football.

It’s about relationships that will get them through the rest of their lives. It’s about trusting in other people, trusting in your peers. And it’s an absolute joy to watch.

Some of these little girls, I’ve seen them personally come with no confidence whatsoever.

I’ve always had friends at football but at school I’ve only got like a couple of friends.

Unfortunately, she had a personal tragedy at five years old which really knocked her confidence. She used to cry in the night and say she doesn’t know how to make friends. She’d like to do it but she doesn’t know how. She doesn’t understand why she is different. So, we started her up with football and instantly her confidence just picked up. They all just build each other up and the only thing she wants to do is play football.

It’s all about fun at this age, but what that’s brought out in the girls is just this self-confidence, this self-belief.


They’ve developed so much it’s unbelievable. I mean these were girls that could literally not kick a football.

We were absolutely rubbish at the beginning, but we got better. We got better right?

We are friends. We all work together. Even if we win or lose we’re still friends and we’re still happy, and that makes us a good team.

Who are we?! Farsley!

Have we got some talent? Yeah. We, really have. We really have got some talent.

So, do I believe any of my little girls can make it? Damn right I do. Yeah, definitely.

Urban buzz

Video transcript

Going back over ten years, Ley Hill estate’s had a bit of a reputation and the park was considered a bit of a no-go area. Regular fly-tipping and rubbish on the side. Drugs, a lot of vandalism and a lot of people were quite scared to come in the park. Local residents decided they wanted to play an active role and sort of take back the park, and formed a friends group. You know, local people give up their time, work together, to do positive works in the park.

This is what we want to encourage, lovely plant here a purple loosestrife. Here’s one, the bee’s obviously loving it and butterflies.

So, what we’ve done with Urban Buzz is, we selected out groups that are active within their local open space, and what we’re doing is giving people that understanding about the importance of pollinators.

All animals at every level, depend on these creatures including us.

Perfect, we got a white butterfly.

So we’re getting a different range of species in. You know, we’re just starting to realise how vitally important it is to protect and cherish these areas.

Local people have been getting involved because they, they care about their local open space.

And that’s been the gem with the project, it’s been a project about wildlife, but it’s really been the people and the community groups that have helped to make it what it is.

I think the main thing is it’s great to feel as though you’re, you’re making a difference really.

Ooh, we’ve got some hoverflies flies mating here. They’re the voice of a lot of the pollinating insects and the flowers, the trees and without the community having the voice for these areas there’s a chance a lot of it could be lost.

We like trees, we’re not tree haters, but it’s trees in the right spot.

We’re getting there, we’re starting to make real positive change and this park, is a good example. That positivity is fed down to the community and made a real change, a real difference. And hopefully continue for many years to come.