Death claim notification

If you need to make a claim, you can get the process started online.

If a policyholder has died and you need to make a claim on their life insurance, just fill in this form and a member of our claims team will be in touch to let you know what happens next. If you’re a group protection policyholder, you’ll need to fill in a different form.

Your data and rights

We collect and use personal information so we can assess a claim. For more details about how we use personal information, see our Privacy Policy.

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Policy numbers are normally 8-10 characters long and are made up of letters and numbers.

Deceased's details

Please give us details about the person who has died (the 'deceased').

Details of the death

Please use the box below to tell us ALL the cause(s) of death that are listed on the certificate (if you have one).

If you don't have a certificate confirming death, tell us as much information as possible about the cause(s) of death.

Details of deceased's estate

An estate is what someone leaves behind when they die. It includes things like their property, assets and any financial holdings. The following questions help us work out who's responsible for dealing with the estate.

Does the deceased have a husband, wife or civil partner who's still alive?
Does the deceased have any children who are still alive?

Claimant details

The claimant is the person making the claim. If you're completing the form for the claimant, please give their details and relationship to the deceased, not your own.

Preferred method of contact

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