We know of an online recruitment scam which involves fraudsters posing as our representatives to get personal information or steal money.

These fraudsters are contacting people through social media and other messaging platforms, asking them to share their personal details or pay money in order to apply for a job.

To trick people into thinking this and the job adverts are legitimate, the Aviva name and other public information from our official websites is being used. Unfortunately, these are not legitimate.

What to look out for

To help you spot online recruitment scams, look out for:

  • Requests for personal information that came from someone you don't know or don't trust
  • Being asked to pay money as part of the application process (such as a 'pre-employment screening fee')
  • Offers of employment which seem too good to be true, or too easy to secure
  • Messages about jobs you haven't applied for or didn't expect
  • Unusual benefits relating to a job, such as a salary quoted in a different currency
  • Messages which reference coronavirus (COVID-19)

What to do if you're approached

We're actively working with technology companies to shut down fraudulent email addresses and social media accounts used in these scams, but if you're approached, it's important you know what to do next.

If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of a job at Aviva which you're applying for, get in touch at myrecruitment@aviva.com or 0121 234 7609.

We investigate every report we get and we'll let you know what you need to do to stay safe.

More ways to protect your money

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