What happens when you report fraud to us

See what we're doing behind the scenes

When you tell us about something suspicious you’ve received – whether it’s a call, message, email or even a letter – it’s our mission to get to the bottom of it.

Our investigations begin

The moment you hit ‘report’ on our scam report form, your details go through to our experts in the Financial Crime Intelligence Unit. 

The team have around 175 years' combined experience between them and they’re headed by the industry financial crime Practitioner of the Year 2020 – so you know you’re in good hands. You’ll get a response from us within two working days – that’s a first for an insurance company.

The people who’ve sent reports to us often already know they’re looking at a scam, but they’re still grateful to get that reassurance from us. We give them guidance on next steps. 

Depending on what’s happening – anything from loss of money to stolen data – we’ll decide how we can help them or support them when they’re speaking to other financial companies, such as their bank.

Even though you may know it’s a scam when you contact us, by reporting it, you’re helping us in that fight. Because each time you report suspected fraud to us, it helps us to build on our intelligence (that’s our knowledge on these scams).

Fighting fraud with intelligence and data

Our fraud-fighting efforts are supported by the information we receive from your reports. This extra intelligence on these scams allows us to get an even better idea of who these criminals are – and how they work.

Sharing this intelligence across the business allows us to find links between cases which, at first glance, might appear unrelated.

By monitoring and sharing data the way we do, we make it that much harder for criminals to hide away. Keith W, Special Investigations Unit, says “The criminals committing pension fraud can sometimes be the same ones who are ghost broking. Thanks to our intelligence-led approach, we can spot patterns and identify this.”

We’re even creating our own data science system to track cases. Oliver H, Principal Data Scientist, says “We’re investing in building our own case management so we can link cases together and get a fuller picture of what’s happening.” Building our system in house means we can tailor it to meet the unique requirements of our business, so we can better protect you.

As you can see, we take data seriously – so much so that our approach even earned us the Technology of the Year Award for Financial Crime in the fraud category.

Your reports have a huge impact

There are two important things we want to do – prevent someone from being scammed and detect fraud before it even happens. And your reports help us do both of these things.

Let’s say you get a suspicious call from someone claiming to be us. Once you report it, we can confirm whether it was really us you spoke to. If it wasn’t, we can warn you before you share your details and stop you from being scammed. And because we now know it’s a method criminals are using, this feeds back into our intelligence – helping us to detect similar scams in the future.

Your reports have already given us valuable details on fake bond and ISA sites criminals have been setting up, as well as ghost brokers selling fake car insurance. This information also helps us to build our own reports to share with other organisations.

We take it further

We use the information you give us to look deeper into scams. We then share our findings with agencies such as the Police – and even social services (if we know the customer is vulnerable). We also report our concerns to the Financial Conduct Agency (FCA) and National Crime Agency (NCA). And we were one of the first insurance companies to join the NCA’s intelligence task force.

We’re also members of three trading bodies – the Association of British Insurers, Investment & Life Assurance Group and the Investment Association. We use our influence as members to bring the bodies together to better protect you.

We’re talking to the right people to make a change

 In response to the high number of cloned investment sites selling fake bonds and fake ISAs, we’ve set up a dedicated fraud site and issued the Aviva Fraud Report, we’ve formed a task force with all other providers to share intelligence, we've engaged the Security Minister on the topic, and we’ve joined the NCA’s COVID-19 fraud task force to actively share intelligence on this threat.

By sharing data across the business, working together with external agencies and organisations and taking our concerns up to Government level, we want to make real change – taking down fraudsters and better protecting you.

And we’re able to do all of this thanks to your reports.

Contacted by a fraudster or fallen victim to a scam?

Report this to us right away. We'll take it from here and let you know what you need to do to stay safe.