Why choose Aviva?

In 2014 we paid almost £12.6 million in income protection claims - that's 93.2% of claims. When you choose a provider to give you income protection, it's important to have the peace of mind that they'll be there when it matters; when you come to make a claim. You also want the reassurance that they'll help you as much as possible at a time when you're probably not feeling at your best. Here are three good reasons why we'd like you to choose Aviva for your income protection policy.

We're experts in healthcare

  • Aviva is the UK's largest insurance provider. This means that you can rely on our size and strength to pay your income protection claims, no matter how long we need to pay them for.
  • At the Money Marketing Awards 2014 we were given the title 'Best Protection Provider. We think it was the unique combination of our people, products and service that helped us win this award.

Our policies are straightforward, simple to arrange, and easy to use

  • We want you to feel comfortable and confident about your policy. You should know that income protection will only make payments if you can't work due to ill health or accidental injury, but we'll explain what our policies will do, and what they won't. We make them straightforward and easy to understand. And most importantly we'll do our best to make sure that, if you need to make a claim, it all goes smoothly.

You're unique. So we'll always treat you like an individual

  • We helped more than 1,300 income protection customers in 2014. Every one of those customers made a claim through a team that's dedicated to giving exceptional service, to unique individuals. It takes a company like Aviva to deliver that level of service, and give you the support you need when you need it most. You're unique. You can be sure that we'll always treat you like an individual.
  • Our teams are passionate about giving you the best possible service. We train our claims teams to understand how you might be feeling when making a claim. They'll always do their best to minimise the administration involved in income protection claims, and get your claim under way as soon as possible. And we're always happy to answer any questions you may have…

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