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From premiums to DIY tips, here’s where you can find all of our expert advice about looking after your home

Our detailed articles provide safety tips, guides, and expert advice on all things home – whether you’re looking for ways to keep your home insurance premium low or planning a home DIY project. We’ll provide general information as well as in-depth guidance about our cover, so if you’re considering an Aviva home insurance policy – or you already have one – you can find details about what’s covered here.

How is your home insurance premium calculated?

What determines the cost of a home insurance premium, and are there ways to keep it down? Learn about the factors that insurers take into account when pricing a home insurance policy.

All about home insurance

Questions about your policy, making a claim, or how to qualify for a no claim discount? Here’s where to find the answers.

Buying a house or moving?

From moving checklists to all-inclusive cost guides, this is where you’ll find all the information you need to move into a new home without a hitch.

Owning and maintaining a home

Prevention is better than a claim. Here are our guides on everything from accident prevention to which alarm system is right for you—we’ll help you keep you and your home safe and looking its best.

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Our Home Insurance includes Buildings and Contents Insurance together, but we offer them separately too.