Protecting your homely items

If you’re lucky, your home is your haven, brimming with nostalgic knickknacks, family photos, and DIY decorations. But as you nestle into your comfiest chair, surrounded by familiar things, do you sometimes wonder how much these items would cost to replace, or if they could be replaced at all?

How much are our personal belongings worth?

In our research Footnote [1], homeowners who told us that their house felt like a home spent an average of £593  per year on their homely belongings.

Among the younger generation, 25 to 34 years, this figure rose to an average of £1,040 per year. The over 55's  were a bit more budget-conscious, spending just £308. However, it’s likely that many in this older age group have already built a valuable collection that needs protecting, even if they’re spending less on new items.

Why are these items so important to us?

Our belongings matter because they create a comforting familiarity. And, unlike those shiny gadgets that are outdated in a year, these items often grow more important as they age. So, that strange ceramic owl you bought on impulse last year might be worth holding on to— you might even find yourself passing it on to scare your children’s children in a few years down the line. 

How can you protect the things you love?

Although our research suggests people spend almost £600 per year on some of their most loved pieces, we know that a third of UK residents (33%), don’t have home insurance to protect them. In other words, they lack the safety net that could catch a falling ornament or painting, leaving them exposed to loss and regret.

Luckily, you can avoid some of this heartache by taking out home contents insurance— a kind of home insurance that helps cover your belongings against theft, damage, or loss.

If you own your home, your mortgage lenders might have insisted you take out a home insurance policy that covers the structure of your building. However, there’s no guarantee that it also covers your belongings, even while they’re in your home. 

Be sure to check your policy documents. If your belongings aren’t covered, you might be able to take out contents insurance separately or switch to a combined policy, depending on your circumstances.

What makes a house a home?

Don't forget that what really makes a house a home is the feeling of security it brings. It's that sense of knowing you can close the door and leave the chaos of the world behind. Likewise, home insurance isn’t just about the cost. It’s about resting in the knowledge that the things you love are protected.

What does our home insurance offer?

With our flexible home insurance cover, you can choose to take out buildings and contents insurance together or separately, whichever suits your needs. We’ll pay to rebuild your home Footnote [2] and, if your insurance covers damage to the building, we’ll foot the bill for you to stay somewhere else while it’s repaired.  

Plus, for extra protection, we offer a range of optional adds-ons for an additional charge , including cover for legal services, home emergencies, and accidental damage.

Learn more about our home insurance here.

Need Home Insurance?

With Aviva Home Insurance you can choose Buildings, Contents or both.

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