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Extra cover for your house and home

Sometimes you need a little extra protection for important items like bicycles, laptops or jewellery. That's why we offer a range of Home Insurance policy add-ons – so you can make sure your cover's right for you. 

Accidental Damage cover

A broken television set

We offer 2 levels of cover protecting things like septic tanks and service pipes, home entertainment systems – even any glass in your furniture.

Our 'Limited' cover:

  • For Buildings Insurance, this covers accidental damage to any fixed glass, sanitary fittings (like your bathroom sink), service pipes and cables
  • For Contents Insurance, this covers accidental damage to non-portable home entertainment equipment, mirrors and glass in furniture (like cabinets or coffee tables)

Our 'Extra' cover:

  • For Buildings Insurance, this also covers accidental damage to the rest of your home
  • For Contents Insurance, this also covers accidental damage to most of your belongings in your home – so no need to worry if you spill that glass of wine on the carpet

Unfortunately, we don’t cover damage caused by faulty items, design or workmanship, or flood and water damage (though flood and water damage is covered by our standard Home Insurance).

Protected No Claim Discount

Person sat on their sofa reading something on their tablet device

If you've not made a claim for 5 years or more, you can select this cover to protect your no-claims discount on your Home Insurance policy.

It's that simple.

Home Emergency Cover

Water damage on a property ceiling with visible dampness and water dripping through

If something sudden happens which causes a loss of essential services – like heating or power breakdown or a pest infestation – we’ll cover:

  • Labour, parts and materials – up to £1,000 with no excess
  • Hotel accommodation – up to £1,000 with no excess

This doesn't cover dual-purpose boilers, domestic appliances like dishwashers, normal day-to-day maintenance, or wear and tear.

Personal belongings cover

Items that are associated with personal belongings - mobile phone, payment card, etc

Going further than our Contents Insurance, this covers you in and away from the home, in the UK, or anywhere else in the world. You'll be covered for:

  • Personal items with a single article limit of £2,000 (plus separate cover available on higher value items)
  • Personal money up to £750
  • Credit cards up to £1,000
  • Theft from an unattended vehicle up to £1,500 as long as the items were secured out of sight 

Unfortunately, we can’t cover everything – for example, we don’t cover sports equipment like skis or sports racquets as standard.

Bicycle insurance

A pedal cycle (push bicycle) tied to a lamp post in a street setting

While cycles are covered at home under our standard Contents Insurance, we can provide extra cover for bikes used by you and your family anywhere in the world.

Select your own level of cover between £300 and £5,000.

Unfortunately, we can’t cover theft of unattended bikes unless they’re locked in a building or to an object that can’t be moved.

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