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What’s the difference between health insurance and life insurance?

Life insurance and health insurance often get mixed up, but they’re not the same thing. Find out about the differences between life and health insurance here.

So what’s the difference?

Life insurance and smoking

If you’re a smoker, many insurance companies will still give you life insurance, but you may find it costs you more.

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What happens to a life insurance policy when someone dies?

If a loved one dies, and you’re not sure if they had a life insurance policy, or how to make a claim if they did, find out some of the steps you can take here.

Life insurance after death

What is mortgage protection life insurance?

Mortgage protection insurance is a type of term life insurance. Find out more about how mortgage protection insurance works, and how it can help you here.

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Can you have more than one life insurance policy?

For anyone wondering ‘can I have more than one life insurance policy?’ - the answer is yes! Find out why you might need more than one life insurance policy here.

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Paying out when you need it

In 2020 we paid out over £1bn in protection claims to help over 50,000 people and their families.

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How does life insurance work?

From how much life insurance costs to who gets the money if you die during the policy term, here’s a simple guide to life insurance and how it works.

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Mortgage protection when you're buying a home

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, moving up the property ladder or securing a buy-to-let, here’s why you might want to get that financial protection in place.

Life insurance for home movers

Think you can't afford life insurance? This might help

Read our 4 top tips on how to make the cost of life insurance more manageable.

Affordable life insurance

Want to switch your life insurance policy?

You might regularly review or change your car or home insurance policy. But is it worth doing the same with your life insurance?

Want to switch your life insurance policy?

What's the difference between life insurance and life assurance?

Life insurance and life assurance are terms that are often used interchangeably – but is there a difference?

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The difference between a death in service policy and life insurance

Understand the difference and why you might need both.

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Understanding life insurance

Explore our different types of cover.

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Should I buy a single or joint life insurance policy?

Understand the difference between both policies.

Single or joint?

What is term life insurance?

There are 3 different types of term life insurance.

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Critical illness cover

Read our article to discover the benefits of having critical illness cover, how it differs from life insurance and how it can help protect you when you become critically ill.

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How to have a stress-free – and fair – split

Divorce is often traumatic and expensive, so what can you do to make things go as smoothly and fairly as possible to minimise disruption to all involved?

Keep it fair

Five things to put on your family protection 'to do' list

From writing a will to arranging life insurance, here’s how to protect the people you love most.

Family protection to-do list

What to do after someone dies – a checklist

It can be difficult to know what to do following the death of a loved one, and in what order. Find out what you need to do first and what you can leave for later.

What to do

Easy money lessons for kids

Here are a few of our favourite money lessons that could be valuable, and fun, for the whole family.

Get money savvy

Should grandparents feel obliged to help out financially? Or should we be paying them for their help?

Parents and carers come in all shapes and sizes, and yet many still see grandparents as free childcare providers. Is it time to rethink this belief?

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Why we should talk to our kids about money more often

Money makes the world go round, but how often do you and your children talk about it? Here’s what I’ve learned as a financial expert and mother of two money-crazy kids.

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The five things you must do when your partner or adult child moves in

Sharing your home with another adult can affect bills, benefits and the amount of tax you pay.

What to do

Having a baby? Here’s how to work out your shared finances

There are a lot of ways to share your finances with a partner, and you may already have found a system that works for you – but that may need to change if you’re having baby.

Sharing finances

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