What is Pass Plus?

Pass Plus is a six-hour practical course for new drivers to help improve confidence and safe driving skills. But what does it involve, and is it worth it?

It’s available to anyone with a full UK driving licence but is most commonly taken by new drivers who want help overcoming driving fear or anxiety.

Why should I take a Pass Plus course?

Pass Plus allows you to learn more advanced driving skills that aren’t covered in standard lessons and improve on those that you may have touched on briefly. 

You’re not legally required to take a Pass Plus course, but it can help you gain valuable skills and increase your confidence for independent driving. 

On completion, you’ll receive an extra driving qualification which can also potentially save you money on car insurance.

How much does Pass Plus cost?

Course prices depend on location and instructor but usually cost less than £200. Some local councils offer a new learner discount, so check the government website to see if this is available for you.

What do I learn on a Pass Plus course?

The course is split into six modules and each takes an hour to complete. You must book your course with an approved driving instructor and it’s recommended you split training into three two-hour blocks to avoid fatigue. 

The Pass Plus course covers the following:

Driving through town

Although you probably did lots of town driving during your lessons, this module goes into more detail. You’ll learn how to deal with bus and cycle lanes, complicated junctions and develop your overall observational skills. 

Driving through all weather

Depending on when you learned to drive, you may not have driven in heavy rain, icy conditions or even when the sun is shining. Expect to learn how to control your car and the stopping distances of different weather conditions.

Driving on rural roads

Country roads are intimidating to all drivers, but especially to those who don’t use them regularly. During this module, you’ll learn how to navigate blind bends, animals, farm vehicles and narrow roads. 

Driving at night

The night driving module will help boost your confidence by teaching you how to use your headlamps correctly, judging distances and speeds in low light and driving in different light levels.

Driving on dual carriageways

You may not have spent much time on dual carriageways during your standard lessons, so Pass Plus expands on general lane discipline, as well as: safe distances, joining and exiting slip roads, and overtaking.

Driving on motorways

Standard driving lessons now include motorway time since a law change in 2018, but extra practice is still advised. You’ll learn how to use lanes correctly, deal with fatigue on long journeys, follow motorway signs and what to do if you break down.

If a module can’t be covered during the course due to exceptional circumstances, you can complete it as a theory session instead.

How is Pass Plus assessed?

The course doesn’t include a formal theory test – instead, you’ll need to reach the required standard in all modules to pass.

Can Pass Plus reduce my car insurance?

When you complete the Pass Plus course, you’ll receive a certificate that you can be able to use to claim discounted car insurance

Not all insurers offer discounts, and new research revealed 1 that there’s no difference in car insurance premiums between those who’ve taken the Pass Plus course and those who haven’t.

Is it worth it?

Many new drivers find value in the Pass Plus course as it focuses on skills you’re likely to encounter every day. It can also be helpful if you’re worried about driving independently and would like extra practice with difficult manoeuvres. 

If you’re only taking it to reduce your car insurance premium, then the up to £200 price tag might not be worth it in the long run. There’s no guarantee you’ll save any money and other reductions, such as our online discount, may work out better than a Pass Plus discount.

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