Cars are becoming way more advanced, with inbuilt sensors and cameras,  windscreen replacement and repair costs are getting bigger. So, you should check you have the cover you need before it’s too late.

It may only seem small, but a chip to your windscreen from a rogue stone can quickly turn into a big problem if it’s left too long.  Something as simple as a change in weather can cause a chip to crack.

The cost of replacing a windscreen depends on the type of van/car you have, and whether you have any extras like cameras or sensors. If you do, these need to be calibrated after the replacement. You may also have windows with built-in radio, heating technology or sensors that make lights or wipers come on automatically. These are all things that can bump up the cost of a replacement windscreen.

Fixing windscreen chips and cracks

A chip repair from one of our partners, Autoglass®, can take under 30 minutes, and they offer a lifetime guarantee.   With a repair that simple, there’s no reason to put you or others in danger on the road. You’d also be risking failing your MOT if the chip is 1cm or more. 

Windscreen insurance 

The cover you have on your windscreen depends on what level of insurance you choose. Usually, its included on fully comprehensive insurance and can be an added as an extra if it’s not. 

Our comprehensive cover includes your windscreens, windows, and sunroof if you have one. Excess does apply for repair and replacement so check your policy if you’re unsure. 

Our third-party fire and theft cover only covers glass that’s been damaged in an accident, by fire, or by theft, as the name suggests. Any other situation, like a stone flying up at your windscreen, would require you to organise and pay for a glass repair or replacement yourself. 

How to make a windscreen claim

Having a windscreen replaced or repaired doesn’t impact your no claims discount and this is standard across all insurers. 

Windscreen replacement is subject to a £115 excess, and chip repairs £10 excess.

You can book for a repair or replacement online, and our repairers will only need to confirm your surname and postcode to find your insurance details.

Ready to get cover?

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