Electric car insurance: everything you need to know about electric vehicles

In this article we will look at charging your electric vehicle and electric vehicle insurance.

Years ago the thought of electric cars seemed unimaginable, something straight out of the movies. But they are a very real thing and more common than ever nowadays.

Does regular car insurance cover electric vehicles?

Yes, there’s no need to look for specialist insurance. Most insurers cover electric vehicles and their components under any of their vehicle insurance.

Are electric cars more expensive to insure?

Sometimes it can be, because of the extras that come with electric cars and their specialised parts, it may also need a specialist mechanic to fix it. Although there’s less parts to an electric car the actual cost to replace those bits and bobs can be a lot higher than a standard petrol/diesel vehicle. Early research suggests that electric vehicles are approximately 25% more expensive to repair than their petrol equivalents and take 14% longer to fix


Can you charge your electric car at home?

In most cases you can charge your vehicle at home. But there are a few different set ups you can have.

Level one charging

This uses a standard household outlet (120 volts) and is the slowest charging option. It's usually included  with the purchase of the vehicle and is best for overnight charging.

Level 2 Charging

This requires a 240-volt circuit, which is similar to what an electric dryer or oven uses. Level 2 charging is faster than Level 1 and is a popular option for home charging stations.

DC Fast Charging

This is typically not available for home use it’s found at public charging stations. It provides rapid charging for longer trips.

And, don't forget our car insurance includes out of charge recovery.  If your electric vehicle runs out of charge, an RAC mechanic will come out and either charge your battery to get you to a working charging point, or transport you, your vehicle and your passengers to a working charging point or your home. Whichever is closer.  Must be over 1/4 of a mile from your home address. Geographical restrictions apply. Comprehensive cover only, excludes hybrids. 

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With our car insurance, we cater to the needs of electric vehicles. We cover your vehicle accessories such as charging cables and wallbox chargers.

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