How do we pick our Experts' shortlist investment funds?

We scour the market to find you high-quality managers and funds.

There are thousands of funds out there invested in all kinds of assets, from equities and bonds to property and gold. So how does Aviva choose which ones to recommend to you?

The best potential return we can find

The Aviva Multi-Manager research team pick active funds they believe offer you the best potential return over the medium to long-term.

Remember though, that returns are not guaranteed. The value of investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than has been paid in.

7P What do Aviva Investors test against?
Parent Corporate overview and assessment, product diversity, overall AUM (Assets under Management), ownership structure.
Product Capacity/viability, fee structure, investor concentration, dilution/spread, construction, is the objective appropriate?
People Key decision makers, experience of team members, team stability, remuneration, succession planning.
Philosophy Manager's beliefs, how they believe they can generate excess returns and in what circumstances.
Process Is it clear, understandable, robust and repeatable? How are the risks managed/monitored? Is the process consistent with the philosophy?
Positioning Current views and portfolio positioning. - ensures coherency and consistency with philosophy and process. Evidence depth of knowledge.
Performance Has the fund met its objectives? What are the performance drivers? Are these consistent with the process? Review of risk adjusted returns.

For the manager of an active fund to make the shortlist, they must score high on our '7P':

No category is more important than another and there are not necessarily right or wrong answers. Our research team scores the manager’s fund in each category and then delivers an overall rating.

We also take a fund’s environmental, social and governance factors seriously in our due diligence, investment analysis, decision making and monitoring activities.

Passive funds do not get assessed against the '7P' criteria. While our Aviva Investors research team carries out due diligence on the fund provider, the funds make the shortlist primarily based on coverage and cost.

Do we change our Experts' shortlist?

Yes, the Aviva Experts' shortlist may change over time. We’re always monitoring the Experts' shortlist to ensure the funds meet our selection criteria.

If a fund no longer meets our criteria:

  • It will be removed from the Experts' shortlist but may still remain in our full range list
  • You'll remain invested in the fund if it is removed from the Experts' shortlist and remains available on the platform
  • We won't inform you directly if one of your funds is removed from the Experts' shortlist, though changes will be reflected on this site.

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