Guaranteed selection funds

Some certainty in uncertain times

Growth potential with a choice of protection

Our guaranteed selection could be just what you’re looking for if you can’t afford to take a lot of risk with your money. We offer two funds with built-in guarantees – for that extra reassurance. 

Aviva Guaranteed 100 Fund

Guaranteed 100 offers 100% guarantee on your original investment on its 5th anniversary, less any withdrawals taken. Guaranteed 100 offers you the strongest guarantee and aims to achieve steady growth over 5 years. As it offers the highest guaranteed amount, it also has a lower potential for growth.

There is an extra management charge of 0.50% per year for the Guaranteed 100 Fund.

For more information about our charges, please visit our funds library and search for the Aviva Guaranteed 100 Fund.

Guaranteed 90 Fund

Guaranteed 90 guarantees to return 90% of your original investment on the 5th anniversary of the date you invested, less any withdrawals taken. It has a higher potential for growth than Guaranteed 100, but it also carries the risk that you might lose up to 10% of your original investment. 

There is an extra management charge of 0.35% per year for the Guaranteed 90 Fund.

For more information about our charges, please visit our funds library and search for the Aviva Guaranteed 90 Fund.

How it works

The guaranteed amount and guarantee date both apply on the 5th anniversary of the date you invest in your choice of fund, no matter if you’re a new investor or moving your money from another fund.

You can invest into a guaranteed fund and switch into and between funds as often as you want. Each time the guaranteed amount and the guarantee date will move to 5 years from the date you switch into the fund.

And remember, if you make any withdrawals or switches out of the fund, the guaranteed amount will reduce in proportion to the number of units cancelled rather than the cash amounts you withdrew or switched.

Things to remember

The guarantee only applies on the 5th anniversary of your investment. At all other times during the 5-year period, the value of the investment can go down as well as up, and you may not get back the amount you invested if you withdraw your money.

When you invest in a fund offering guarantees, you reduce your likely investment returns because more of your money will be invested in stable assets with less growth potential. This means you may be able to get higher growth if you invest directly into some asset types, like equities.

The two guaranteed selection funds are medium-term investments, so you should be prepared to tie up your money for at least 5 years.

There are charges for managing your investment, and an additional charge is made to provide the guaranteed element.

Read more about our guaranteed funds

You can read more about our guaranteed funds, as well as their risk rating, in our brochure.

The guaranteed selection brochure (PDF 1.4 MB)

You can download the latest fund factsheet for each of our guaranteed selection funds. Just head to our funds library and select the fund name you’d like to learn more about.

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