Aviva Group services

How our business works in the UK

A composite insurer

From car, home and health insurance to pensions, investments and asset management, we offer a wide range of insurance and saving products to help protect what’s important to you.

We’re a ‘composite insurer’ meaning Aviva is one business made up of smaller units that specialise in different types of insurance.

Here’s an overview of how our business works in the UK.

Aviva Life and Pensions UK Limited

We offer more than 50 products covering pensions, savings and investment, life assurance and personal finance


Aviva Health UK Limited

As one one of the largest healthcare insurers in the UK, we provide a range of private medical insurance and income protection products.

Aviva Life International Limited

We offer 2 single premium bonds in the UK. Visit Aviva Life International Limited website to read more.

Aviva Insurance Limited

Our most well-known business, focusing on personal and small business insurance covering motor, home, and liability insurances. 

Aviva Investors Global Services Limited

Aviva Investors actively manage a diverse range of funds covering all major asset classes including equity, fixed income, property and cash.

We also act as investment manager for a range of trusts and for the open-ended investment company and unit trust products offered by Aviva Investors UK Funds Services Limited.

Visit Aviva Investors Global Services Limited to learn more.