Using Facebook to grow your community

Find hints, tips and advice on how to make your community cause stand out all year round

Facebook is the Internet's most widely used social network. More than 1.2 billion people use it every day. Its stated mission is to make the world "more open and connected" by connecting people and facilitating communication between them.

How can Facebook help your cause?                                 

Facebook can help you promote your cause to potential supporters and gives you a way to communicate directly with your target audience. Find out how to get it working for you.


A Facebook page will help you promote your community project to as many people as possible.

People who like your page may see your posts in their news feed. And, if they like your post or comment, their friends may also see your posts and share it, providing valuable digital word-of-mouth advertising.


Groups let you create communities of people who interact directly with each other. While your page is like a profile or shop front for your project, a group lets people come together to discuss a cause, post photos and share content.

You can create a group to promote your community project to your friends, family and people who will benefit.

Event tool

Facebook events are custom pages that help you organise a specific activity and get people to join. You could create an event on Facebook to promote your cause and get people together at a specific place and time, building awareness and interest.

Fundraising tools 

A simple and effective way to raise funds for your charity is to add a donate button on your page, ads and posts so people can make a donation to your organisation. Clicking the button will take them to your website’s donation page. Eligible charities can collect contributions directly on Facebook. Learn more about eligibility and sign up to Facebook here to get access. 

Meet the winners

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Promoting your project

Find hints, tips and advice on how to make your community cause stand out all year round

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