Gaining followers on Twitter

Find hints, tips and advice on how to make your community cause stand out all year round

What is it?

Twitter is a networking site used more for broadcasting current news or updates where people communicate in short messages called tweets. Every tweet is limited to 280 characters or fewer. 

How can Twitter help my cause?

With more than 300 million active monthly users, it’s likely that many of your current and potential supporters use Twitter. Twitter is a great platform for building and maintaining relationships, as conversations are carried out in real-time.

Connect people to your cause

Share relevant content that adds value

If you’re producing consistent, quality content on a blog or website then make sure to tweet links to your articles on a regular basis as well as linking back to your Twitter page from your website.  Your followers will want to see frequent posts – aim for 2-3 tweets a day to keep interest going and increase following.

Posting curated content from other sources in addition to your own will validate your organization as a trusted source of relevant news. 

Use hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to expose your tweets to potential new followers who may be interested in your tweets. In the beginning it is better to join established or trending conversations rather than creating your own. There are many regular trending hashtags you can look to experiment with such as #CharityTuesday, #MotivationMonday, #WednesdayWisdom #ThrowBackThursday #FridayVibes

Get people involved

Getting people to create their own content is another way to grow your presence on Twitter. User generated content can be powerful when you can tap into it the right way. For instance, the American Heart Association created a branded hashtag #LifeIsWhy that it promotes in its Twitter bio along with a call to action for people to share their stories.

Think about your visuals

Although Twitter is not as visual as Instagram or even Facebook, it’s still important to use images and short video. Before using an image in a tweet, make sure the image is the right size for Twitter.  Check out this Social Media Image Sizes Guide to learn about the optimal image dimensions to use.

Participate in live tweet chats

By definition, a tweet chat is a live Twitter discussion event, usually moderated by a certain account and focused on a specific topic. This the most direct way to let your audience know exactly when you will be online and ready to discuss a certain subject. Host tweet chats of your own or join existing conversations like #Fundchat, an excellent account dedicated to hosting chats every other Wednesday on non-profit fundraising, marketing, and development topics.

Use Twitter polls

Engage your audience by asking a question and polling your followers for answers. Ask for ideas on fundraising campaigns, get feedback from your last event, or even use the poll for some light-hearted engagement.

Meet the winners

Check out the previous Aviva Community Fund winners to see if a local project close to your heart received funding.

Promoting your project

Find hints, tips and advice on how to make your community cause stand out all year round

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