How to use video to support your submission

Find hints, tips and advice on how to make your community cause stand out all year round

A video about your cause is one of the easiest ways to engage with your audience and build support. Sharing through social media gives you the opportunity to reach thousands of potential supporters and even target specific audiences. Plus, if you do a good job, they’ll share it themselves and extend your reach even further. 

We asked SubMotion, a creative production agency that have been working with the Aviva Community Fund, to give us their top tips on putting together exciting video content to support your cause.

10 top tips for creating your cause video

  1. First things first – equipment. Don’t worry about not having the right camera or sound system, your smartphone provides everything you need. But if you want to create a smoother, more professional film, you can always invest in smaller items like a tripod or a smartphone stabiliser.
  2. Plan what you want to say. You don’t necessarily need a script, but having a general structure will help the audience get the most from your video. Think about the key points, how you plan to achieve your goals and what it will mean to you and those involved if you win.
  3. Choose the right spokesperson. You want the person you put in front of the camera to be enthusiastic and familiar with the cause. That passion on screen will be more engaging to your audience.
  4. Keep it short and sweet. People have busy lives, so we suggest making your film no longer than 5 minutes.
  5. We love it when a plan comes together. Making a basic storyboard is a great idea, but we recommend having an interview at the core of your video to share the most important information. To get the best sound recording, film your interview in a quiet place and ask your spokesperson to sit down or stand still.
  6. Don’t forget your action shots. Whether holding a community film night, buying sports team kits or planting trees – make sure you film something to show the origins and background of the project.
  7. Make it human. Audiences love to know the story behind a cause, so get those involved to talk about their part and what it means to them.
  8. Put it all together and what do you get? Editing your video together is easy using free apps like iMovie. You can add titles and overlay graphics, but don’t go crazy. You don’t want to distract from the point of the film.
  9. Call your audience to action. At the end of your video, don’t forget to tell your audience how they can help and support you further.
  10. Time to post your video online. The hard bit is done, now all you need to do is post it on your social media platforms and websites. Then ask your friends, family and everyone you know to spread the word, share your video and help you get those all-important votes.

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Find hints, tips and advice on how to make your community cause stand out all year round

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