Extended holidays

Extended holidays

Cover all the bases

If you intend to stay overseas for a few months then long-stay travel insurance is essential.

Aviva can offer an extension of up to 90 days on an annual trip policy and up to 120 days on a single trip travel insurance policy.

Designed with the serious traveller in mind, a good long stay travel insurance policy will protect you against the unexpected and will typically cover:

  • Emergency medical treatment and expenses plus emergency repatriation if required.
  • Personal liability and personal accident claims.
  • Reimbursement for cancellation if you're ill or injured before you go.
  • Travel delay.
  • Lost or stolen baggage and possessions.
  • Legal expenses with advice helpline.

While you're away, it's worth following our safety tips:

When do I need international health insurance?

Travel insurance is designed to provide emergency medical cover for short trips. Aviva's annual multi-trip travel insurance policy for example offers cover for stays up to a maximum duration of 120 days.

If you are planning to live and/or work abroad you may need to consider taking out an international health Insurance policy as state medical provision varies from country to country, and in some cases from region to region and may not cover all your needs. Without health insurance, if you fall ill or have an accident, you could find yourself in unfamiliar territories, not speaking the local language and not knowing how to arrange medical treatment or indeed being able to pay for it.

International Solutions from Aviva gives you the peace of mind that you have the medical support you need when you need it most. Designed to help you get access to treatment quickly and easily should you fall ill or have an accident abroad, it is also flexible, enabling you to pick-and-choose benefits to suit your need and budget.

Find out more about international health insurance from Aviva

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Choose your destination carefully

  • DO check what visas you require - particularly if you want to work.
  • DO give yourself plenty of time for applications to be processed.
  • DO check your passport will still be valid by the time you return!
  • DO check advice from the FCO.

Prepare yourself

  • DO buy a good long stay travel insurance policy and double-check exclusions.
  • DO check your cover limits for valuables.
  • DO check if you are covered for working abroad.
  • Cancel any deliveries at home and get someone to check on your home.
  • Take your car off the road and notify your car insurance company. Get a SORN declaration.

Travel light

  • DON'T take more than you need - you can buy everyday things when you're there.
  • Consider leaving expensive valuables at home.

Get a medical check-up

  • DO see your GP and dentist for a check up before you go.
  • DO check what vaccinations you need and keep a note of any medication.
  • DO take a travel first aid kit - you can buy them at any good chemists.

Get your finances in order

  • DO take traveller's cheques and some local currency.
  • DO set up direct debits to cover any payments you need to make while you're away.
  • DO open a local bank account if you're staying in one place for the duration.

Keep in touch

  • DO let your friends and family know your itinerary so that they know your movements and will be able to contact you in an emergency.
  • DO take your mobile phone, buy a global sim card or buy a new mobile phone when you get there as it could be cheaper.
  • DO use email - you'll be able to log on in even some of the remotest places!

Stay safe

  • DO keep your possessions safe - and tickets, money, travel insurance documents and passport in a safe if you can.
  • DO check where the no-go areas are - and avoid them.
  • DO travel with a companion if you can.
  • DO check the Foreign & Commonwealth Office recommendations on its 'Know Before You Go' website.

Travel insurance from Aviva

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