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Frequently asked questions

All you need to know about using Aviva Drive app

Do existing customers qualify for the Aviva Drive discount?

Existing customers can qualify for the Aviva Drive discount at renewal. Please call us on 0345 030 7575 to add any discount onto your policy at renewal.

Where can I download the app from?

The Aviva Drive app is free to download from Google Play or App Store.

Which phones are supported?

Aviva Drive supports:

  • Android v4.0.3 and above, and
  • iPhone v8.0 and above

For up to date phone compatibility see Google Play or App Store.

Will the app work on Blackberry phones?

Currently the app is not available on Blackberry.

Can I use the app on my iPad or Android tablet?

The app is not designed to work on Android tablets or iPads.

Will my price go up if I get a low score?

We will not increase your quoted prices as a result of your driving score.

Do I need to provide any personal details before I start using the app?

Before you start using the app we will ask for a few optional contact details from you, so we can keep in touch via email. Once you've completed 200 miles, we’ll need some more personal details from you, before we can provide you with a score and apply any discount you may have earned.

Will I be able to use other apps, or make and receive calls while the app is collecting journey data?

Aviva Drive will run in the background while using other apps or while making and receiving calls. The app will also continue to work if your phone goes into screen lock mode. Some phones may shut down apps if there are too many open at the same time.

How do I record a journey?

There are two ways of recording a journey:

  • Manual start by simply pressing 'Start' button on the 'Record Your Journey' screen and when you have completed your journey press the 'Stop' button and your journey data will be saved.
  • Auto-record, don't worry if you forget to record a journey, the app can detect when you are moving and will automatically start and stop recording your journey. We will send you a notification when we auto-record a journey. You can review all auto-recorded journeys and discard any where you weren't driving.

Do I need a mobile phone signal / GPS signal?

You don't need a mobile phone signal to use the app but you do need GPS.

Where do I position my phone when driving?

A number of things can affect the precision of the GPS signal your phone receives. For the best results and to ensure we give you a score which most accurately reflects your driving, we recommend you use an in-car cradle or at least place the phone in a stable position on your dashboard. We only use reliable GPS data, so you may find the mileage recorded by the app for some journeys is less than your actual mileage driven.

Someone else drives my car - do they have to use the app as well?

Only the main driver on any future Aviva Drive quotes should use the app to gain a driving score.

Why do I need to do 200 miles?

To get an accurate reflection of driving behaviour we need at least 200 miles of data.

How many badges are there and how do they work?

There are eleven badges which you can earn by displaying safe driving skills, driving at specific times, reviewing the app. You can earn one badge per journey. If you earn a badge it will show on your 'My journeys' and ‘My Badges’ screens in the app. There are also distance badges to earn once you have got your driving score.

What are the different badges and how do I earn them?

You will get a First Drive badge when you have completed your first journey. There are four driving skill badges: Fuel Friendly, Corner Master, Brake Master and Smooth Accelerator. You can earn these badges by displaying certain driving behaviours during a journey. If you record journeys on five consecutive days, you will be awarded a Frequent Driver badge. There are three lifestyle badges which are awarded when you drive at certain times: Commuter, Night Owl and Early Riser. The final badge is the Reviewer badge which is awarded when you review Aviva Drive on Google Play or the App Store. Distance badges are awarded after you have received a score and continue to record journeys.

I've been awarded the Night Owl badge for driving at night. Does the time of day I drive affect my score?

No, we don't take into account the time of day you drive when calculating your score.

I've recorded a journey at night, I've been awarded the Fuel Friendly badge but not the Night Owl badge, why is this?

You can only be awarded one badge per journey and the driving skills badges take priority over when any of the other badges are awarded. The driving skill badges are: Fuel Friendly, Corner Master, Brake Master and Smooth Accelerator.

What is the 'My Badges' screen for?

The 'My Badges' screen is where you will find the badges you've been awarded so far. It also gives you details of the badges you haven't achieved yet and how you can earn them.

What is mapping and how does it work?

If you click on a completed journey, the app will display your journey using your phone’s map functionality along with your distance travelled and time taken.

Why can I not see my journey on a map?

You will need to have an internet connection, either Wi-Fi or a mobile data signal (e.g. 3G or 4G) to see your journey on a map.

Will I get feedback on my driving?

Yes, after you've received your score we will send you feedback on your driving and what you could do to improve.

What happens when I complete 200 miles?

When you have completed 200 miles, the app will give you your individual driving score of 0–10 (10 being the safest) and feedback on your driving behaviours. You'll then be able to get a quote via a link on your smartphone or online if you prefer. We’ll use the score to give you a personalised online quote based on your driving, which means you could pay up to 28% less.

Can I switch off auto-record?

Yes, you can switch off auto-record in Settings in the Aviva Drive app.

Will the app auto-record when I am walking or cycling?

Auto-record works by detecting whether your device is moving above a certain speed and for a minimum distance. It will then record the journey as if you were driving. Walking will be too slow to start auto-record. Cycling however may start auto-record. All journeys that are auto-recorded will be displayed to you for review when you open the app, and you can discard any where you were not driving.

Can I switch off notifications?

You can switch off notifications in the app settings.

Trouble shooting

Why is auto-record not working?

For best auto-record results you should have GPS and Wi-Fi switched on and a sim card present in your phone. There are a number of reasons why auto-record may not be working: GPS on your phone must be switched on, go to your phone settings to check the GPS setting. Auto-record must be switched on, you can switch this on in the Aviva Drive app settings. Your phone must not be in power save mode, as GPS will not work in power save mode (Android 4.4 devices will automatically go to power save mode if the phone has less than 30% charge, by default. This can be changed in Android Settings). We recommend that you always use an in car charger. In some areas you may not receive a strong GPS signal and this may also delay auto-record, it should start once you are in a good GPS area.

What if the app auto-records a journey where I wasn't driving?

Auto-record works by detecting whether your device is moving above a certain speed and for a minimum distance. It will then record the journey as if you were driving. All journeys that are auto-recorded in this way will be displayed to you for review when you open the app, you can discard any where you were not driving.

What if the app has not saved my journey?

Journeys of less than half a mile will not be saved or count towards your total mileage as short trips like these do not tend to accurately reflect your driving skill.

How do I close the app if it’s crashed or frozen? (iPhone)

Come out of the app by double clicking the 'Home button', the app switcher (screenshots of all the started apps) will appear. Navigate to the 'Aviva Drive' screen, place your finger on the image and swipe-up off the screen. This action will quit the app. You can then tap the Aviva Drive icon as normal to restart.

How do I close the app if it’s crashed or frozen? (Android)

Come out of the app but clicking the Home button, go to Apps, Settings, Application Manager (sometimes this is Applications, then Applications Manager), tap on Aviva Drive in the list, there will be an option to 'Force Stop', select this and restart the app. Do not select the 'Clear Data Option' as this will remove your driving data.

Why is the app displaying the wrong mileage?

Aviva Drive uses your phone's GPS to record your journeys. Sometimes, depending upon your particular phone or other factors such as the weather, the phone may take a while to find GPS (meaning mileage may not be recorded). It may also record small amounts of additional mileage that you haven't done as the GPS refines your location.

What happens if I forget to press stop at the end of my journey?

Don't worry, the app will auto-stop when it detects that you are no longer moving at speed.

My phone cannot find GPS?

If your phone cannot find a GPS signal we won’t be able to track your journey. You will need to move your phone safely to a position where it can receive GPS, ideally in an in-car cradle near your windscreen.

I am half way through completing my 200 miles and I am changing my phone, can I move my journeys to my new phone?

Unfortunately at this time we are unable to transfer journey data between phones. You will need to download the app to your new phone and begin to build up your journey data again.

I have no Wi-Fi or data signal (e.g. 3G or 4G). What will happen to my journey data?

Your data will be held securely and uploaded when you are back within range of a signal and the app is running. This would need to be done within three weeks otherwise data will be deleted.

My phone doesn’t have enough memory to save my journey data

Although the app is relatively small (around 30 MB) you may need to remove unwanted apps and data in order to free up enough space to download it.

My data

Will the app use lots of my mobile data allowance?

No. The data we send has been highly compressed so it only uses a small amount of your mobile data allowance, approximately equal to downloading three songs.

What data will you collect?

We collect your location information from the devices GPS. We do not have access to your 'real time' location, the data is only uploaded after the journey is complete, and you can choose not to use the app for a journey as you wish. Before we send you your score and apply any discount you've earned, we will ask for your name, date of birth, address and email address.

What will you do with my data?

The data we collect on your driving will be used to help us build an understanding of your driving behaviour and your individual risk. Using this information, we are then able to provide you with a quote specific to you. If your driving style shows you to be a safe driver, you could earn a discount. The data will also be used for our research purposes.

How secure is the data you collect?

The data we collect will adhere to the high standards that Aviva apply for all customer data collected which is governed by our Privacy Policy and Fair Processing Notice.

Who will you share my data with?

Your data will only be used by Aviva and partners in order to process your driving score. We will not share your information with any other third parties except where we are legally obliged to do so. To learn more please read our Privacy Policy and Fair Processing Notice.

How does the app work?

The app uses GPS on your smart phone to collect information on a number of different driving behaviours including how you brake, accelerate and corner. After 200 miles of recorded driving, we'll provide you with individual driver feedback and a drive score. This score may result in a safe driver discount.

My driving score

Why do I need to register my personal information with you before I get my score?

In order to provide you with a quote, we need this information to identify you and your unique driving score. We will also use it to pre-populate your quote to save you time later.

What does my driver score mean?

Once you’ve completed 200 miles the app will display your individual driving score of 0-10 (10 being the safest). This will be based on your driving behaviours (acceleration, braking and cornering) displayed on the journeys you’ve recorded.

How long is my score valid?

Your Aviva Drive score is valid for 12 months. If you do not get an Aviva Drive quote within this time you will need to run the app again.

What does the average score mean?

The average score is calculated from all the Aviva Drive motorists who have completed 200 miles on the app.

My score was low. Can I run the app again?

You can re-use the app but the first score will be used for discounting purposes.

Getting a quote

I've already done a quote. Can I still do the 200 miles and get a discount?

When you go back into your quote if your details match the details you registered on the app, we will ask you if you would like to apply the discount. To add the discount you will need to click 'yes please'.

I've just received my Aviva Drive score and I'm unable to complete a quote on your mobile site at this time. Can I complete it at a later stage?

If you'd like to get a quote on your phone after you've received your driving score, you can press the "get quote” button" on the app, which will allow you to complete a quote on our mobile site. Alternatively, you can press Email link button, which will send you a link to your email address to enable you to complete the quote at a convenient time. You can also visit aviva.co.uk. So long as you use the same details that you registered on the app, the website will recognise you are an Aviva Drive customer and apply the discount automatically.

I also drive another car in my household frequently. Can I use the app when I am driving either car?

You can use the app in any car for the purpose of completing your 200 miles. But you can only get a quote that matches the details you gave us when you registered for on the app.

I have tried to get a quote but I have received a message stating that I can't get a discount because my details don't match the details I gave on my mobile app registration. What do I need to do?

In order to give you an Aviva Drive discount you must get a quote using the details you gave us when you registered for the app (name, date of birth, postcode). That way we can match your details to your score. Please click 'verify your details' to check your quote details.

Will I get a discount if I have a young driver on my policy?

Yes as long as you completed the 200 miles and you are the main driver.

Can I benefit from an Aviva Drive discount when I add a second car to my policy?

The Aviva Drive discount is available on one car per policy only (this is applied to the first car that the principal policyholder is identified as being the main driver of). When adding a second car to an existing policy we will reward your loyalty with a discount of up to 1/3 off.

I've qualified for an Aviva Drive discount on my new policy. Will I have to run the app again to keep the discount at renewal?

No, you won't be expected to run the app again at renewal.