24 hour stress counselling

Everyone feels stress. We lead busy lives, and stress is quite common. There's nothing wrong with asking for a little help or talking about how you feel. Sharing your concerns can help reduce stress and relieve some of the pressure. That's why we make our Stress Counselling helpline free to use for Healthier Solutions customers day and night, all year round.

  • Stress Counselling helpline: 0800 092 3189

It's confidential. It's easy to call. And you'll be speaking to a trained counsellor who will not only be happy to listen, but also be able to help you with advice on how to deal with whatever's causing your stress.

It doesn't matter whether it's to do with work, money, your relationship, your children, a bereavement - or just the normal pressures of everyday life getting on top of you. It's perfectly all right to talk about being stressed, and sharing your worries can help you deal with some of the emotions you may be feeling.

Please note this benefit is available to members aged 16 and over.

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