Your Guaranteed Fund fifth anniversary

Guaranteed selection bond options

Our guaranteed funds available through our investment bonds run for five years. So, when your investment reaches its fifth anniversary, you'll need to make a decision about what to do with the investment in the guaranteed fund. There are a number of options available which we will confirm to you in writing three months before the fifth anniversary date.

Your guarantee date

Your guarantee date is when we apply your money-back guarantee. It’s the fifth anniversary of the date you moved into a guaranteed fund. If you take your money out of a guaranteed fund at any other time, the guarantee won't apply so you may not get back what you paid in.

Please note if you invest in the Guaranteed 90 Fund, only 90% of your investment is guaranteed at the fifth anniversary, so you may get back less than you paid in.

Your options

If you do nothing your money will remain in a Guaranteed 100 Fund. You can choose to switch your money into any other fund, or alternatively you can take some or all of your money.

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