About the committee

The Aviva With-Profits Committee is a group of independent experts who help us to look after your interests.

The committee bring outside expertise and oversight to make sure that we are meeting our responsibility to treat our With-Profits customers fairly.

The committee's objectives

The committee has 5 key objectives:

  1. To challenge us to show that our decisions are fair to all With-Profits customers, particularly where one group is treated differently from another.
  2. To check we are doing what we said we would do. This means keeping to our 'Principles and Practices of Financial Management', a document setting out our approach to managing With-Profits funds.
  3. To make sure we are being fair to both new and existing With-Profits customers and not favouring one group over the other.
  4. To help us make sure that we send clear and complete communications to With-Profits customers.
  5. To require we respond to any recommendations raised by the committee. If they think that we have not responded properly, they can tell the Financial Conduct Authority so they can follow up.

Read the full terms of reference (PDF 290 KB)

How the committee works

The committee meets about 8 times a year. It works closely with our With-Profits Actuary and Chief Actuary. These are qualified technical experts who advise us on the management of our With-Profits Funds and life assurance business. The committee also has an independent actuarial adviser who provides extra expertise.

The committee sends the minutes of its meetings to our Board. The Chair of the Committee also attends 4 company Board meetings each year to discuss their work and any areas of concern or advice.

The committee regularly reviews its ways of working to identify improvements which can better reflect your interests.

Contact the committee

If you would like to contact the committee about any general With-Profits issues you can email wpc@aviva.com

The committee do not deal with individual policies, please contact us if you have a question about your policy.